Pfeiffer Hall

Located at the center of the "tri-hall area" and overlooking the Cedar River Valley, Pfeiffer is home to approximately 160 men and women and includes all-gender floors. Pfeiffer Hall is extremely social and houses a diverse group of students. At any given time you are likely to find Pfeiffer residents congregated in the floor lounge or in the main lounge playing board games, singing along to someone's guitar or telling stories. Pfeiffer residents take great pride in their building and in the comfortable community atmosphere that exists here.

Building details

Building characteristics

  • A large main lounge
  • A large kitchen on the 1st floor
  • Floor lounges on 2nd and 3rd floors (that also contain a full kitchen)
  • An academic classroom
  • An elevator
  • Not yet air conditioned

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  • Interior

    Pfeiffer interior room view

  • Pfeiffer interior room view

  • Pfeiffer interior room view

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Pfeiffer Hall was made possible by the generosity of Henry and Anna Merner Pfeiffer (see Merner Hall). In February 1941, a new wing was opened to provide additional rooms. Pfeiffer was a women's residence hall until 1978, when it became coed.  Pfeiffer was closed until 6th Block of the 2008-2009 Academic Year for extensive renovations.