Transferring to Cornell

Education at the speed of life

After you transfer to Cornell, you’ll quickly find yourself immersed in your studies and connecting with community.

You’ll find peers who will become life-long friends and faculty who are mentors. Our One Course At A Time curriculum changes lives through experiential learning opportunities—internships and fellowships, faculty-student research, off-campus studies, immersive career shadowing—and when you graduate, you'll realize that you’re ready for whatever comes next.

All our students bring diverse perspectives, open-minded discussion, and imaginative community activities to our Hilltop community. And they come from 42 states and 17 countries, bringing the world to Cornell College. Our transfer students come from 21 states and 4 foreign countries. 

"At Cornell, with One Course At A Time, studying becomes much easier and you don't end up getting piles of homework. With One Course At A Time, you are no longer worrying about what has to get done because for 18 days you only have to worry about one class. One thing that makes Cornell different is that often times a professor won't lecture but instead they will open up the lesson to have a classroom discussion. Here at Cornell, you’ll find a close family feeling, from students all the way to professors. Personally, I think other schools don't quite match it.” - Jack Adolphson '19