Dows Hall

Dows Hall was named in honor of Sutherland Dows, Sr., a member of the Board of Trustees from 1932 to 1969 and its president for almost 20 years, and his wife.

Dows Hall as it is used today

Located in the "tri-hall area" of campus along with Tarr and Pfeiffer Halls, Dows is home to approximately 75 residents, most of whom are first-year students. If you were to ask a resident of Dows Hall to describe the atmosphere in the building, he or she might very well describe it as a "close-knit family." Dows residents always seem to be up for a group activity — tie-dying parties, pumpkin carving contests and ice cream sundae socials are some of the events you will find going on in Dows on weekends and block breaks.

Dows Hall was part of a major renovation of several of our residence halls completed for the 2015-2016 academic year.  This renovation included updates to the sleeping rooms, bathrooms,  lounge spaces, and kitchen.

Building details

Building characteristics

  • A kitchen both for general student use and that will host demonstrations by our dining services staff
  • An aerobics room with a sound system to play work-out DVDs or music
  • An individual study room and a group conference room
  • Air conditioned

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    Dows interior room view

  • interior

    Dows interior room view

  • Dows interior room view

  • Dows interior room view

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