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What will you bring?

Bring your passion, your voice, and your talents. Bring your best to Cornell, and you will find professors who encourage and teach you to do more than you ever imagined you could.

You will find community and peers who will become life-long friends. When you graduate, you will take the knowledge you need to succeed on your own. Our One Course At A Time curriculum changes lives, and proves that when you bring your best, anything is possible.

Our students bring diverse perspectives, open-minded discussion, and imaginative community activities to our Hilltop community. And they come from 47 states and 17 countries, bringing the world to Cornell College.

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Value for a Lifetime

By choosing a liberal arts education, you will learn how to think critically, communicate clearly, and respond to situations with confidence.

Derek Johnson '04

Executive Director of Global Zero

"This is a global campaign and it often runs at break-neck pace. The kind of intellectual agility that comes with a liberal arts background--and with a Cornell experience in particular--is key."

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