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On the following web pages, you will find information for choosing a room for the 2022-2023 academic year.  This information is for current Cornell students only.  If you are an incoming new or transfer student, you will complete your housing preference form as a part of your admissions process to the College; you can contact your admission counselor if you have any questions.

About room selection

Cornell College is a residential institution with a four-year live-on campus requirement. Every student is required to participate in some form of housing selection process (even those participating in the off-campus lottery or seeking a housing exemption).

Residence Life utilizes a virtual system for each part of the housing selection process.  Students will need access to a computer, phone or tablet to select their residence hall room for the upcoming academic year.

To help any of you who may be interested in exploring several housing options, we have intentionally spaced the various parts of the process throughout all of the Spring semester. We encourage you to review each of the housing selection pages before you choose which selection processes you'd like to participate in.  As we get into Spring semester, be sure to watch your e-mail and review the various websites for updates, timelines, expectations, etc. 

Room Availability

Please note available housing options will likely change between now and the start of each housing selection process.  Depending on the Resident Assistant selection process, Living & Learning Community selection process, housing accommodations process, overall occupancy needs, and other special circumstances, rooms may be assigned or taken off-line at any time prior to the start of each stage in the general housing selection process.  While we will do our best to provide a list of available rooms at the start of each selection process, we can't guarantee what spaces will be available when it comes time for you to select your room.

Room rates

Regardless if you're living in an apartment, suite or traditional residence hall, housing rates are based on the occupancy of the specific room you're living in.  Most rooms on campus are occupied by two or more students.  Students living in a multi-occupancy room will be billed the standard room rate.

We currently have a limited number of single-room options available.  Students living in a single room will be billed approximately an additional $125.00 per block above the standard room rate.  Please note there are no super-single options available for the 2022-2023 academic year. 

Meal plans

All students living on campus or off-campus through the off-campus lottery are required to participate in the College's meal plan. Some living options allow students to be on the partial meal plan; those lottery forms request students to select their preferred meal plan for that living environment only. Any student not able to secure a space in a lottery that allows a partial meal plan will be expected to participate in the full meal plan. Refer to information on meal plans for complete meal plan requirements.

All-gender housing

Residence Life recognizes that traditional housing options do not meet all students' needs, in particular regarding a student's gender identity or gender expression. Learn more about all-gender housing options.

Students gone part or all of fall semester

Students on trips Blocks 1 and 2 will be allowed to participate in Room Selection (students choosing a room will be responsible for room charges even if they have not moved in). Students on trips the entire first semester should not participate in any Room Selection activities.  They will be assigned housing prior to their second semester return.

Intent to withdraw

Students intending to withdraw must contact the Dean of Students Office no later than MONDAY, MARCH 14, 2022. Students who do not intend to return to Cornell College next fall are not eligible to participate in any room selection activities (including resident assistant selection, Living & Learning selection, the suites and apartments lotteries and number draw).

Students who do not participate in room selection activities, and whom notify the Deans Office by the deadline will be eligible for a refund of their enrollment deposit (less any charges owed the College).  Students may contact the Dean of Students Office at (319) 895-4234 or contact our office. Refer to Division of Business and Enterprise Services' information on enrollment deposits for more details.

Frequently asked questions

Refer to our frequently asked questions or contact our office with questions.

Off-campus lottery

Living and Learning Communities

Apartments and suites

All other housing options