The following consumer information is provided in compliance with federal regulations. For further information, or to request a printed copy of any of the items in this list, contact the Director of Financial Planning and Assistance, Pam Perry at extension 4216.

Academic Program and Institutional Information

Cornell offers a wide range of majors and minors, along with the flexibility for students to create individualized majors. Information related to Cornell’s Degree and Professional Programs is available in the college catalogue.

Cornell also offers distinctive, professionally-staffed centers to support and guide students interested in pursuing graduate programs or careers in health-related fields, and law. Other pre-professional tracks are typically interdisciplinary in nature, with faculty advisors. Any student can get career advice and internship information from our career coaches at the Berry Career Institute

Information concerning Cornell College’s current educational programs and course descriptions is available in the Cornell College Catalogue. The catalogue also includes a listing of current faculty.

The college website has information related to the instructional, laboratory, and other physical plant facilities associated with the academic programs.

Please contact the Office of Academic Affairs for information regarding plans Cornell has for improving its academic programs.


Cornell College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, the Iowa State Department of Education, the American Chemical Society, and the University Senate of the United Methodist Church. Cornell is a member of the College Entrance Examination Board.

Athletics, Equity in Athletics Report

In compliance with the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act, the Cornell College Athletic Department publishes information on men’s and women’s athletic programs. The EADA report includes the number of participants by gender for each team, operating and recruiting expenses, coaches’ salaries, revenues and athletically related student aid.

Clery Act (Annual Security Report)

Information about Cornell College safety policies, procedures and statistics can be found in the following sections. Anyone who would like to receive a document with the full Annual Security Report should contact the Director of Campus Safety, Mark Winder,

College Navigator Website

College Navigator is a free federal website that provides information about U.S. postsecondary institutions. It is intended to help prospective and current students, parents, high school counselors, and others search for and obtain information. Extensive information about Cornell College is available.

Constitution Day

We observe Constitution Day on or near September 17. We make students aware of the day through the campus newsletter, and may hold some kind of Constitution Day event on campus to observe this day. 

Copyright Infringement and Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Policies and Sanctions

The Cornell College Copyright Infringement and Peer –to Peer File Sharing Policy may be found online.

Cost of Attendance

Information concerning the direct cost of attendance at Cornell, including tuition, fees, room and board is available. Additional cost of attendance information including estimated costs for books, supplies, transportation and miscellaneous personal expenses can also be found on the Financial Assistance Website.

Disabilities, facilities and services for students

Cornell College offers a variety of services and resources to help students succeed and, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Cornell staff members work closely with students who have documented disabilities requiring accommodation to ensure access to the College’s programs, activities and services.

More information on disability services and resources is available online on the Disabilities Services & Resources page.

Diversity of the Student Body

Information related to the diversity of the student body at Cornell College may be found on the Institutional Research website.

Drug and Alcohol abuse and Prevention Information

Cornell College is committed to complying with the requirements of the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989. The requirements for compliance are addressed in the alcohol policy which is distributed electronically each year to students and employees.

Educational Loans Code of Conduct

The Educational Loans Code of Conduct is provided as required by State of Iowa code.

Education loan Disclosures

In an effort to provide better counseling services to our students, Cornell College has entered into a preferred lender arrangement (PLA).  Federal and state law mandates that we must provide the disclosures in association with this process.  These disclosures are available on the Financial Assistance website.  We also utilize FAST Choice as a tool for students to compare the various loan products offered by lenders.  Specific lender’s loan disclosures are available on the FAST Choice website

Education Tax Credits

There are currently several tax benefits available for higher education. The American Opportunity Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit are available for educational expenses paid by the parent for their student and are a direct credit towards tax liability. Deductions are available for student loan interest as well as tuition and fees expense. The tax code also allows for an education exception to additional tax on early IRA distributions and the ability to cash in education savings bonds tax free. Because the specifics on each of these programs vary according to individual circumstances, we encourage you to discuss these options with your tax advisor.

For more information on these programs, we encourage you to view information offered by the Iowa College Student Aid Commission and Publication 970 of the Internal Revenue Service.

Emergency Alert System

The R.A.M. (Rapid Alert Messaging) Emergency System is defined and procedures for subscribing are provided online.

FERPA - Confidentiality of Student Academic Records

FERPA, (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) affords students certain rights with respect to their education records. The Cornell College FERPA Policy is available online and sent to students yearly.

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Website  provides links to information about Federal, State and Institutional Financial Aid programs. In addition you can find Cornell’s Refund Policy, Requirements for Withdrawal and Return of Title IV aid, educational loans entrance, exit counseling and Cornell's Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.  The Financial Assistance Website also provides students a copy of their Rights and Responsibilities related to their financial assistance award.

Foreign Gifts

Cornell College reports all foreign gifts or contracts valued at $250,000 or greater to the Department of Education in compliance with the law.  Reports are sent in January and July each year.

Graduation Rate and Retention Rates (Student Right-to-Know Act)

Four, five and six year graduation rates are provided. Additional graduation and retention rate information is available on the College Navigator website.

Immunization Policies

Immunization Policies are available online. All students are required to provide proof of measles, mumps and rubella immunization. Additional information regarding recommended vaccinations is available from Student Health Services. Contact: Student Health Services; 319-859-4292;

Military Refund Policy

The Military Refund Policy is for students who are members of the Iowa national guard or reserve forces of the United States and the spouses of such members if the members have dependent children when the members are ordered into active duty. 

Misrepresentation Policy

The Misrepresentation Policy is available online.

Net Price Calculator

Prospective students and parents (first-year only) may use the Net Price Calculator to determine their approximate cost for a Cornell education.

Non-Discrimination Statement

Cornell College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, marital status, disability, or status as a U.S. Veteran. All students have equal access to the facilities, financial aid, and programs of the College.

Student Grievance Policy

The Student Grievance Policy is available online.

Teacher Preparation Program Report

Contact: Shelli Bentley, Teacher Education Program Coordinator at

The Annual Summary Report on Practitioner Preparation [PDF] is filed with the State of Iowa Department of Education

Textbook Information

Textbook information for courses is available online through the college bookstore.  Students may find the required textbooks for their courses online. 

Title IX Compliance

The Vice President for Student Affairs serves as the Title IX Coordinator and is available to meet with students who believe sexual misconduct has occurred. He can explain applicable college policies and procedures, including those pertaining to sexual misconduct, and will oversee the investigation. Contact Gwen Schimek-Tischler, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs & Dean of Students, 319-895-4234;

Transfer of Credit Policies

Transfer of credit policies and articulation agreements are published in the Cornell College Catalogue. Select the most recent catalogue and under the Academic Information section search for "Credit by Transfer".

Voter Registration

Information on voting in local, state, and federal elections, may be accessed at the Iowa Secretary of State website. The Voter Registration Form can be printed out and submitted to the county auditor’s office.

Withdrawal from the College

The college catalogue provides students with specific requirements for withdrawal from the college. Select the most recent catalogue and under the Academic Information section search for "Withdrawal from the College".