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Residence Life strives to create safe and welcoming communities where all students are respected and included.  We recognize that traditional housing options do not meet all students' needs, in particular regarding a student's gender identity or gender expression. To this end, Residence Life offers the following housing options for our students:

  • Single-Gender: A floor designated for students of the same gender, where rooms are shared by roommates of the same gender. 
  • Mixed-Gender: A floor designated for students of any gender, where rooms are shared by roommates of the same gender.
  • All-Gender: A floor designated for students of any gender, where rooms are shared by roommates of any gender.

Incoming Students

Incoming students are able to self-identify their gender identity during the admission process. Residence Life uses that information along with each student's housing preference form to place students on single-gender or mixed-gender floors. Mixed-gender floors are located in the following buildings:

  • Dows Hall (3rd floor)
  • Pauley-Rorem Hall (3rd floor west and 3rd floor east)
  • Pfeiffer Hall (3rd floors)
  • Tarr Hall (3rd floor)

Students interested in an all-gender room on a mixed-gender floor should contact their Admission counselor or contact Residence Life to explore options. 

Upperclass Students

Upperclass students are able to self-identify their gender with the Registrar's Office. To help Residence Life accurately predict housing needs upperclass students interested in living in an all-gender housing environment are encouraged to complete the All-Gender Housing Request Form (PDF).

Students are not guaranteed an all-gender room in a particular building. Students must follow all lottery procedures for each building and must meet all eligibility requirements as detailed on each lottery page. Refer to our important dates for specific housing selection deadlines. 

Upperclass students may select an all-gender room in one of the following buildings:

  • Armstrong House
  • Cottage House
  • Merner Hall (2nd, 3rd and 4th floors only)
  • Olin Hall (1st and 3rd floors only)
  • Pfeiffer Hall (1st and 2nd floors only)
  • Russell Hall
  • Smith Hall
  • Wilch Apartments
  • Floor(s) designated during summer housing (only when available and could vary from summer to summer)

Romantic Relationships

Housing options in campus-owned residence halls, houses and apartments are not intended for romantic couples.  Students are not required to disclose their reason for requesting a specific roommate, however, Residence Life does not recommend that romantic partners, regardless of gender identity, choose to live together.