res hall interior

An alcohol-free community is defined as a floor or building in which residents and visitors, regardless of their age, abstain from possessing alcohol. Exposing others in the area to secondary effects of such usage (e.g. noise, vandalism and messes resulting from the use of a substance) is also prohibited. Although violations of the College's alcohol policy are not allowed anywhere on campus and result in campus disciplinary action, a student in an alcohol-free community who possesses alcohol may incur additional consequences (such as fines and, in all likelihood, removal from the area). These areas are open to all students living in the residence halls.

The floors and areas currently designated as alcohol-free are:

  • All floors in Dows Hall
  • All floors in Pauley-Rorem Hall
  • All floors in Tarr Hall
  • The lower level and third floor in Pfeiffer Hall
  • The first-year wing of Bowman-Carter 3rd floor