The following is a list of Living & Learning Communities that students have participated in during previous academic years. If you have questions about any of these communities or if you would like more information, please contact us.

Baseball (Smith Hall)  

Our societal issue is the health of youth in the community. We hope to get kids active and also teach them important life skills through the sport of baseball.

Birds and the Bees

The ultimate ambition of our community is to endorse and encourage sexual safety, awareness and responsibility among both our peers and high school students in the community.  We believe that through the presentation of both educational programming and a system of peer support, we will work toward assisting in differentiating between sexually healthy and unhealthy behaviors and attitudes. Issues that will be addressed include STIs, sexual and relationship abuse, date/acquaintance rape, effects of drugs and alcohol, contraceptives and sexual orientation.

Building an Understanding of Spirituality

Our community's purpose is to encourage spiritual conversations and decrease sensitivity in discussing beliefs and faith.  We would like to explore techniques that will help others to fell comfortable expressing their views on spirituality and connect with others through investigation and knowledge of different beliefs.  We will learn about how spirituality affects everyday living, and whether a set religion or beliefs effect the values and meanings of life. Our hope is to spread knowledge and acceptance of diverse beliefs and faiths, as well as encourage the openness of spiritual practices in everyday life.

Community Service 

A community of students who share the passion for service both within the Cornell community and its surrounding neighbors.

Environmental Community Outreach (ECO)

The lifestyle of the average Western citizen is consumption-centric, highly delocalized, and resource-intensive. Though many people are realizing the inherent instability of this high-impact status quo, they are unsure how to move beyond it; Sustainable Living, the founding principle of the Environmental Community Outreach (ECO) House, endeavors to bridge that gap. The ECO house hopes to become a force for transformation within the Cornell and Mount Vernon communities, providing material resources, knowledge, laughter, and inspiration for those seeking to live lightly and joyfully through the essential changes ahead. 

Exercising Healthy Habits

As food becomes less natural and more convenience based, 68% of America is now overweight. Community members will make healthier choices they can use the rest of their lives.  Also, we hope to help teach the Cornell community ways to live healthier lifestyles.

Fit and Active

The goal of our community is to educate ourselves and others about being active and healthy.  We aim to become leaders within the larger communities of Cornell and Mt. Vernon in order to spread our messages about starting and/or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Personal and communal improvement is the overall focus of our group and was influential in the development of our goals and projects.


The purpose of our community is to present art as a type of service to the students of Cornell, the Mount Vernon community, and to the flood-stricken homes of Cedar Rapids, IA.  Through our three main goals - Flood relief, local education and campus education - we will be using art as a way to serve those in need.  We will be doing many projects, including art-gifting programs for floor-affected families, giving free art lessons to students in the Mount Vernon Community School District, holding fair trade sales and beautifying campus with possible public art displays around the hilltop.

Knights of Cornell

The Knights of Cornell is a group based on creating relationships between Cornell College and the Mount Vernon community.  We will create this bond by reaching out to the student of Mount Vernon Elementary School by providing leadership, mentoring and diverse activities to foster a sense of community among all.


Athletes and enthusiasts will find roommates who challenge and support each other all for the love of the game.


The goal of this community is to foster improvement in the learning of foreign languages. Group members will aid each other in improving their language of interest while also learning about other members' languages of interest. Outside of the building, the group will be teaching the basics of their language to students in the Mount Vernon school system or providing tutoring to older students. Within Cornell's community, the group will seek to bring awareness of other languages and cultures.


Mythos stands for religions and spiritual research, cultural immersion and passionate education to better comprehend and understand mythology and the cultures of the world (post and current).  Furthermore, we intend to share all of what we learn with others to promote tolerance and understanding through education to positively impact the community we live in.


NOMS is a community devoted to preparing and sharing food.  On a monthly basis the NOMS community will explore and learn about a variety of recipes.  This community endeavors to pool the skills and resources of it's participants to facilitate the development of cost-effective and healthy meals, as well as functional, self-regulated living arrangements.  NOMS will interact with the rest of the Cornell community by hosting events designed to educate other students.

Octave (Smith Hall)

Octave is a music community.  We are dedicated to the musical education of ourselves and the community.  To accomplish this edification, we teach weekly lessons to underprivileged youth in Cedar Rapids, and have a monthly radio show and newsletter.  As a community we also provide lessons to students on Cornell College campus, perform at least one concert a year, and put together small ensembles for events on and off campus.

One Book

The One Book community was conceived to enhance the current program.  The purpose of One Book is to coordinate and facilitate activities and programs for the One Book program.  We will work with campus organizations, community groups and staff and faculty.  The goal is to provide a sustainable and stable structure for an oversight committee that can be adapted to each year's book and subsequent topic.

Theater and Dance (Smith Hall)

The Theater and Dance LLC is dedicated to increasing community outreach within Cornell College and the greater Mount Vernon Community through theatrical engagement. Through organization and facilitation of workshops, pre-show and post-show discussions, and transportation to performances on and off campus, we will work to make theater more accessible for all members of our community.


The purpose of this community is to create healthy outlets, foster creative growth and help broaden understanding of health and social issues faced by female students at Mount Vernon Middle School.  Issues to be explored include (but aren't limited to) psychological and physiological development of adolescent females, benefits of physical activity, impact of risky behaviors, analysis of traditional gender roles, issues and diversity and the importance of further education.

Wellness Through Athletics

Our issue is helping kids that are privileged and underprivileged to gain leadership, communication skills with each other, and also staying away from bad influence through sports. Our community members will gain from this experience many useful tools for the future. For example, we will gain communication skills, more leadership roles, and a sense of awareness of other people.

Youth Advocates

Through this community we plan to gain knowledge of issues facing children today on a local, national and international scale.  With our new understanding of these topics we will educate the Cornell community on our findings.  We also plan to work directly with children and strive to be good role models for them.