All students, faculty and staff receive a Cornell College identification (ID) card and are expected to carry it with them. If you are an incoming new or transfer student, you can choose to submit your ID card photo in advance of your arrival and you will receive your card on the first day of new student orientation.

Steps to submit an ID photo

  1. Review the guidelines for appropriate ID photos.
  2. Choose a photo that meets those guidelines (like a passport photo or select senior class photos) or take a photo that meets those guidelines (many post offices and pharmacies take passport photos).
  3. Upload your photo submission (Cornell username and password is required)
  4. Review your photo submission (you will see the submitted photo on the photo submission page). If you would like to submit a different photo, click on the Browse button, choose a different photo and resubmit it.

Once Residence Life has reviewed and accepted your photo submission, you will be unable to submit any changes. Generally, Residence Life watches for photo submissions between July 1 and new student move-in day in late August. During that time frame, we will process your photo submission within a few days of receiving it. Incoming new and transfer students are welcome to submit their photo earlier in the summer but it will not be reviewed until July.

For students who do not submit an approved photo

If you submit a photo that does not meet our guidelines, then we will delete the photo and e-mail you to let you know why we are unable to accept that image; we will invite you to submit a different photo. If you are unable to submit a photo that meets our guidelines, then we will take your picture when you arrive on campus and print a card for you at that time.