In general, College personnel are available to provide service for anything that is college-owned; this includes both maintenance issues and housekeeping issues. You will receive fastest service if you direct your concern to the right department. Please review this list to see which category might be the most appropriate for your concern. If after reviewing this list you are still uncertain about how best to proceed, please contact your resident assistant (RA) or assistant director of Residence Life.

Emergency situations

  • Call Campus Safety at (319) 895-4299 (or x4299 from an on-campus telephone). Examples of emergency situations include fire, flood, natural gas odor, broken glass, etc.

Non-emergency or routine maintenance issues in your room or in a common area

  • All repair requests for items not mentioned below should be submitted to your RA. If there is an issue in your room, please report it to the RA on your floor or the RA who is on duty in the evening. If you cannot find an RA, you can also contact Campus Safety at (319) 895-4299 (or x4299 from an on-campus telephone). Examples of routine maintenance issues include non-working lights, clogged sinks or toilets, heating concerns, etc.