There are trash and recycling containers located in each residence hall. Students are urged to put items into the appropriate container. Housekeeping does not remove recyclable items that were tossed into trash cans. Similarly, recycling containers that have been contaminated with trash likely cannot be recycled and will be considered trash. Some items (as explained below) cannot be placed in trash closets in the residence halls. If such items are left in a residence hall, then students of that community will be assessed any removal fees (refer to our information on "damages to common areas" for details on that process).


Students should place any broken glass in a box or other container and label it with "broken glass." Students should set the box or container off to the side in the trash closet. Any broken glass simply placed in a trash bag poses a serious safety risk to the housekeeping staff.


All individuals using injection needles are required to properly dispose of them to prevent students, visitors and custodial staff from accidental needle-sticks and injury. Refer to the Student Health Services website for information on proper needle disposal expectations.

Donating usable goods

For anything that is still usable, students should consider donating items to the Salvation Army or donating items to Goodwill. At the end of the academic year, the College typically offers an opportunity to drop off items in specific locations on campus. Students should refer to the information about spring closing for details.

Disposing of large items (furniture, refrigerators and televisions)

Furniture, refrigerators and televisions cannot be discarded in the normal trash. Students are responsible for taking those items to an appropriate location. If those items are not in usable or working condition, then you need to work with a company to dispose of or recycle those items. At the end of the academic year, the College typically offers an opportunity to dispose of furniture (refer to the information about spring closing for details). Organizations that can recycle refrigerators and televisions include Cedar Rapids/Linn County Solid Waste Agency and Best Buy (Best Buy currently accepts many televisions but does not accept refrigerators). Many organizations charge a small disposal fee.

NOTE: We provide this information as a convenience, but you are not limited to using a specific company to donate usable goods or to dispose of non-working refrigerators or appliances. Any use of these services is an agreement exclusively between you and the company.