NOTE: This information is for incoming new and transfer students starting spring semester.  All current Cornell students should refer to information on winter break for details concerning their return to campus.

As you prepare for the start of your time at Cornell College, you will find the following information useful (please note that this page will be updated to provide additional information as it becomes available).

Housing assignment information

You will receive a message to your Cornell e-mail with your housing information (including building and room number, campus mailing address, roommate's name and e-mail address, and other important information). This will be sent the week of December 6 for those students who have submitted their deposit by that time (contact the Admission Office if you have questions about your deposit). Students who submit their deposit over winter break will receive their housing information on a rolling basis.

Also, if you have not already done so, you should complete the housing preference form you received from the Residence Life staff.  You can open this form in Microsoft Word and answer the questions directly in the form. You can then return the form through e-mail or fax. If you have problems opening the form, please contact us.

Dates and times for opening

You may pick up your key and move into your room between 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. on Friday, January 7. When you first arrive on campus, you should go to the Bardsley Grand Foyer in the Thomas Commons to get your room key (refer to the campus map for help in locating the Thomas Commons). Spring orientation begins that day at 11:30 a.m., so you should plan your arrival to campus to allow you enough time to move in and attend orientation (visit New Student Orientation's website to learn more about spring orientation). 

Early arrival requests

The Residence Life office occasionally gets requests for students wanting to move in earlier than the dates listed above. Students deemed essential for opening of the residence halls and/or for New Student Orientation are permitted to check in on a date and time jointly established by the supervising department and Residence Life. Examples include resident assistant staff, peer advocate staff, and Thomas Commons staff (including some individuals who work at the Information Desk). Students in these groups should confirm their arrival dates and times with their supervisors. In addition, spring athletes have a different move-in process; student-athletes should consult with their coach if they have questions. In each of these cases, the supervising department will cover all housing and meal plan expenses for the student(s).

Students not with a sponsoring department should expect that the above dates reflect the earliest that they can check into the residence halls. With very rare exceptions, staff members from housekeeping, facilities, and residence life are preparing for the official opening days and are unable to accommodate early arrival requests from individuals not with a sponsoring department. If extenuating circumstances exist that the student believes would warrant an earlier move-in day, then the student should contact their appropriate assistant director. If an exception is made, the student would be charged a daily early arrival fee for housing expenses (all charges would be applied directly to the student's account); the student would not have an active meal plan and so would need to pay out of pocket to eat in the Hilltop Café.

Meal plan information

The first meal served for all new and transfer students participating in the orientation program will be lunch on Friday, January 7. We need to collect meal plan preferences from all new students.* Please refer to the meal plan selection information for more details.  The first meal for returning students not participating in the orientation program will be brunch on Sunday, January 9.

ID card photos

You will receive a Cornell identification (ID) card when you get to campus and you will be required to carry that at all times. You can choose to submit your ID card photo in advance to have it ready for your arrival. All photos received by Noon on Wednesday, January 5 will be printed and at the check-in table when you arrive. Refer to ID Photo Submission information for details.

Living with a roommate

Students new to sharing a living space may find our information on living with a roommate helpful in learning how to navigate that relationship.

Mailing your belongings to Cornell

Please refer to the information on mailing your belongings to campus.

Storage pods

Cornell College occasionally receives requests from students who want to use commercial storage pods as a means of moving their things in or out. The College can permit a limited number of storage pods to be stationed on campus. Requests will be honored in the order in which they are received. Refer to our information on storage pods for complete details.

Suggested packing list

Please refer to the suggested packing list for a list of items that you might want to bring as well as a list of items that are prohibited.  Also, if you plan to apply for a job (including a work-study opportunity), you must also bring an original birth certificate, social security card, or passport.

Residence Hall Linens

Please refer to our information on beds and linens so that you can ensure that you purchase appropriate linens

Student parking on campus

Students interested in bringing a car to campus should refer to Campus Safety's information on student vehicle and parking regulations and then complete Campus Safety's student parking registration form.

Getting to and from the airport

If you will be traveling and don't have a car, you can refer to a list of transportation suggestions compiled by the Thomas Commons Information Desk. There you will find the College's electronic "need a ride" board as well as information on commercial transportation opportunities.