As you move in to your residence hall room each student is required to submit a room inventory and condition report.

This report helps the Residence Life staff ensure that everything that is supposed to be in the room is present, and that the quality of the room is up to an acceptable standard. The form is also an opportunity for you to let us know of any concerns or normal wear and tear found in the room at the time you moved in. 

Staff will utilize the information from these forms to generate work requests after you move in.  Additionally, when you move out of the room your form will be used to determine if any new wear and tear or damages were caused during your time occupying the room.  A Residence Life professional staff member will review any changes, and determine whether the College will need to replace or repair items prior to the next academic year, and whether any cost needs to be charged back to the room's occupant(s). 

Room inventory and condition forms are due within 72 hours of the date you check into your room. Failure to complete a room inventory and condition report within this timeframe will automatically result in your accepting the room’s condition and forfeiting the right to appeal damages.

If you have any questions about the room inventory and condition form, please contact your Assistant Director of Residence Life.  You can also view the video above to assist you as you inspect your room.


Q: I can't access the room inventory and receive the error: "You need permission."

A: Make sure you are signed into your Cornell College Google account and not a personal Google account such as a personal email. Only Cornell College students can access the form. Sign out of all Google products and go to the form. You should be prompted to sign in and use your Cornell College username and password. If you are having trouble signing out on your personal device, try a public computer such as in the Thomas Commons or at the Cole Library.

Q: I want to submit more pictures.

A: The room inventory allows for 10 photos and each photo must be less than 10mb in size. Those are the limits imposed by the Google Form technology so please adhere to that limit.

Q: I made a mistake or submitted it before completing it.

A: Contact your Assistant Director of Residence Life and we can delete your entry. You should then be able to start a new one once we reply to you.

Q: Do I submit 1 room inventory per room or 1 per resident?

A: Each resident submits 1 room inventory for themselves.