Resident Assistants
Resident Assistants (RAs) are an integral part of the residence life program at Cornell College. A team of these student leaders lives in each residence hall and has responsibility for building a community that allows for the objectives of the residence life program to flourish.

RAs are trained and available to help, listen, and refer students to others if necessary. RAs also conduct social and educational programs in the halls to support personal development and ensure that community standards are maintained.

Assistant Directors of Residence Life
The Assistant Directors of Residence Life (ADs) are professional staff who serve as full-time, live-in area coordinators. ADs assist with a portion of the day-to-day operations of the Residence Life Office including the development and implementation of residential policies, selecting and training student staff members, and strategic planning. As members of the Student Affairs professional staff, ADs have completed Bachelor's or Master's degrees and have significant training and experience in student development theory and practice.

Group Living Expectations
Whenever large groups of people live together, there is a need to develop expectations for individual and community behavior. These expectations help insure each individual student's ability to attain his or her academic and personal goals while attending Cornell. Although the College has identified some of these expectations as policies or rules of the College, each individual student has a voice in a variety of organizations on campus that help develop the residence hall environment and atmosphere.

Diversity and Inclusion
Living and forming a community with people of different backgrounds, experiences, and views can be personally rewarding and intellectually stimulating. It is a part of a student's education experience. Please be sure to review the College's statement on diversity and inclusion.

Living with another person can be exciting and, at times, challenging. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship with your roommate and floor-mates. Refer to our information on living with a roommate for suggestions.