Sexual Assault Prevention


Cornell College has partnered with EverFi, whose mission is to help students address critical life skills such as alcohol abuse prevention, sexual assault prevention and financial literacy, in high schools and higher education institutions across the country. Each year over 1/2 million students complete these courses.

As part of our comprehensive prevention program and new student orientation, we expect all new and transfer students to complete Sexual Assault Prevention.  This course educates students about healthy relationships, the importance of consent, and the role of bystander intervention. Interactive exercises take students through real-world scenarios and encourage students to challenge sexist language and attitudes, provide guidance for supporting someone who has experienced harm, and promote healthy relationships based on positive communication and respect—empowering students to create safe, healthy campus environments.


Sexual Assault Prevention consists of one course that takes approximately two hours to complete.  The course opens in early August (generally during the first week) and must be completed before students can check into their residence hall in the fall.  Students will receive an e-mail at their Cornell College account instructing them to take the course.

Log in to Sexual Assault Prevention

Click here to sign into Sexual Assault Prevention. Sign in attempts will only work during the above time frame.  After clicking the link, you will be redirect to the Everfi log-in page.  Please click the Cornell log-in button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Your current Cornell College username and password will be required to sign in.  Once signed in, you'll be directed to the online course.

About the online program

The course will ask questions about students' knowledge of and experience with sexual assault prevention. All survey responses are confidential; Cornell College cannot see an individual student's responses. We can only see who has completed the course and then will receive information about the student body as a whole.

Also note the following:

  • Participants will need internet access (using any major web browser released/updated within the past two years) and audio capabilities.
  • Participants may take the course in multiple sittings (the system will automatically save a student's progress and then the student can return to this page and follow the link to re-enter the program, provided the return visit fits within the timeline listed above).
  • Technical support is available at any time and can be accessed from the "Help" link within the course.

Additional resources

To learn more about sexual assault prevention, refer to the Student Affairs Office list of online resources or refer to Student Health Services list of resources. To learn more about Sexual Assault Prevention and other services they provide, visit EverFi's website.