Going Deeper, Loving Wider

You, fellow Pilgrim on the Journey:

May you find in these offerings the support, sense of meaning, identity, and relationship you seek. A haven of peace and caring community. A spiritual embrace but also a stretching. Here where we are all so different yet ultimately One, may you find ways to get connected. To practice living the radical vocation of love, understanding, and hope in an often polarized, fearful world. And may you find ways to explore, practice, and/or deepen appreciation for the faith of your ancestors and other wisdom traditions of our world.

Like all chaplains, I am rooted in my own tradition (Christianity - ordained as an Episcopal priest) while cherishing, advocating, and caring for all people regardless religious or secular wiring. Therefore on this campus and website you will find venues of broad care and interests for those like and unlike yourself.

Know that as spiritual advisor, teacher, mentor, priest, and companion I am here to laugh with you. Go through life’s great unfixables and mess ups with you. Offer hope and a safe place to muse the “big questions” of life, and to cultivate skills for inner and outer peace--a calm anchoring amid life’s hurried pace, fragileness, storms, conflicting desires, difficult decisions, desolations, and daring leadership for a more humane world.

No outcasts here. Whoever and wherever you are in life, I welcome you.

Rev. Dr. Catherine Quehl-Engel
Chaplain of Cornell College