The 8-week Cornell Summer Research Institute (CSRI) pairs students with faculty for collaborative research projects. As a CSRI student researcher, you'll make connections within the living-learning community and become familiar with the other student-faculty research projects on campus. At the end of the 8 weeks, you'll be better prepared for life after Cornell in your work or in grad school.

  • Conduct independent research in your area of interest.
  • Develop additional skills that CEOs and managers uniformly highlight as essential for college graduate employees.
  • Connect what you're learning to real world applications.
Historical Sociology and the Intersection of Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality
Faculty researcher: Tori Barnes-Brus
Student researcher: Jack Majerus '19
Exploring Plasma Structures Surrounding Newly Formed Massive Stars in Star Forming Regions
Faculty researcher: Kara Beauchamp
Student researcher: Marshall Hobson-Ritz ’18
Isolating and Culturing Environmental Viruses of Gram Positive Bacteria
Faculty researcher: Jeff Cardon
Student researcher: Marisa Flores '19
Ecology and Diversification of Neotropical Flies and their Parasites
Faculty researcher: Marty Condon
Student researcher: Ben Garcia '19
LGBTQ+ and Youth Homelessness: Community Action Study and Strategic Planning
Faculty researchers: Greg Cotton, Erin Davis, Misha Quill, and Jen Rouse
Student researchers: Lizzie Mombello ’19, Jillian Schulte ’19, Conor Moore ’18 and Jacob Bennington ’18
Dissonance-Based Online Eating Disorder Intervention: An Efficacy Trial
Faculty researcher: Melinda Green
Student researcher: Elisabeth Sage '19
Working Together to Explore Independent Publishing and Small Presses
Faculty researcher: Leslie Hankins
Student researchers: Maureen Sullivan ’18, Emma Jean Meyer ’19, and Jessica Halter ’18
Understanding How the Media Covers Political Campaigns and Candidates
Faculty researcher: Hans Hassell
Student researcher: Zach Stoll '18
Development of a Virtual-Reality Surgical Simulator
Faculty researcher: Brian Johns
Student researcher: Nicholas Bieno ’18
A Case of Do or Die: Does the World Welcome Exercisers as Time Goes By?
Faculty researcher: Christi Johnson
Student researchers: Tom Green ’19 and Neil Pagdin '18
NMR Studies of Structural Changes in Solvatochromic Molecules
Faculty researcher: Charlie Liberko
Student researchers: Huong Quynh Anh Nguyen ’19 and Katie Heidt '19
Population Trends in Ornate Box Turtles
Faculty researcher: Andy McCollum
Student researchers: Anna Jandt Auvil ’18, Lucas Larson ’19, and Gabe Bizovi ’19
A Student-Faculty Collaborative Project for Long-Term Conservation Research
Faculty researcher: Tammy Mildenstein
Student researcher: Rebecca Ritter ’18
Developing High Through-put Assays to Assess Soil Microbiome
Faculty researcher: Brian Nowak-Thompson
Student researchers: Jessica Pinkham '18 and Reid Lange '18
Measuring Protein Function
Faculty researcher: Jai Shanata
Student researchers: Victor Martinez '18 and Gabie Campbell '18
Sports Analytics Related to Youth Archery
Faculty researcher: Tyler Skorczewski
Student researcher: Kasper Kittredge '18
Developing New Physics Videos for YouTube
Faculty researcher: Derin Sherman
Student researcher: Mackenzie Crow ’18
X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of Archaeological Pottery
Faculty researcher: Cindy Strong
Student researcher: Samantha Nadel '18
Symbiosis in Two Marine Invertebrates
Faculty researcher: Craig Tepper
Student researcher: Mary Tamo ’19, Libby Anderson '18, and Amanda Leimbach '18
Exploration in Cutting-Edge Thermo Barometry Techniques
Faculty researcher: Emily Walsh
Student researcher: Carlos Tellez '18
The Ultrastructural Effect of Cytotoxicity & Manipulation of Vasicular Proteins
Faculty researcher: Barbara Christie-Pope
Student researcher: Nina Kahn '18
A More Inclusive Union: Women Philosophers in the Modern Period
Faculty researcher: Genevieve Migely
Student researcher: Noah Stern ’18