CSRI lab research being conducted by a Cornell student

Summer living-learning community

Fostering collaborative faculty-student research

Summer fun includes research

Yes, you read that right. It turns out, you can conduct a lot of research in eight weeks.

Every summer Cornell students conduct research with faculty. You can too. Work collaboratively with faculty on a research project during the summer. Connect with peers in your living-learning community and learn about their research. Conduct independent research in your area of interest. Develop skills that CEOs and managers uniformly highlight as essential for college graduate employees. Apply what you're learning to real world situations. Gain confidence in your field of study.

Take a look at some of the research

eating disorders research

Eating disorders

ancient corals research

Ancient corals

art history research

Art history

Ash Park video research

Walking audio tour

biology research


chemistry research


conservation research


Cornell history research

Cornell history

ecology research


exercise research


Faustus research


fire coral research

Fire coral

French video research

French video game

Greece research


health care data research

Health care data

historical sociology research

Historical sociology

homelessness research


marine invertebrates research

Marine invertebrates

math research


media politics research

Media and politics

metal in water research

Removing metals from water

monarch research

Milkweed and Monarchs

monarch butterflies research

Monarch butterflies

nebula research


nmr studies research

NMR studies

parkinsons research

Parkinson's disease

phased array research

Phased array

philosophers research

Women philosophers

physics videos research

Physics videos

plasma research

Plasma structures

preventing eating disorders research

Preventing eating disorders

protein research

Measuring protein function

publishing research


robot research


Scandinavian research

Scandinavian Caledonides mountain belt

shells research

Dating shells

soil samples research


solvatochormic molecules research

Solvatochromic molecules

sports analytics research

Sports analytics

Syberberg research


thermo barometry research

Thermo barometry techniques

turtles research

Box turtles

van etten research

Van Etten writings

viruses research

Culturing viruses

xray pottery research

Pottery analysis

XRFS research

Lead levels in soil and ancient Iowa culture

yeast research


carbon dioxide capture research

Carbon dioxide capture