Laundry facilities can be found in each residence hall. Laundry machines do not require coins to operate.  Only current residential students are permitted to do their laundry in a residence hall.  Students should be mindful to not overload machines and to use proper settings to wash and dry their belongings based on the instruction list on each items tag.  Students are expected to retrieve their clothes promptly so that others may use the machines; laundry left unattended in the laundry room may be considered abandoned and will be discarded or donated. All machines are high efficiency (HE) and so HE detergent is needed.

To report a broken machine, call Residence Life at (319) 895-4113 (or x4113 from an on-campus telephone).  After hours emergencies can be reported to Campus Safety at (319) 895-4299 (or x4299 from an on-campus telephone).