Students are provided with a mailbox in the Thomas Commons. All mail should be addressed in the following format:

[Your Name]
810 Commons Circle SW #[Your Box Number]
Mount Vernon, IA 52314-1000

Please note that this is not a post office box and should not include "PO."  Including "PO" in front of the box number can delay delivery of mail. Also, students or families may have access to a residence hall's physical street address. That street address is to help guests and emergency responders find the building. In addition, some renters insurance policies require the physical street address. Mail should never be addressed to a residence hall's street address (any mail that is addressed to a residence hall's street address will likely never reach the student).

Items which could be in violation of campus policies should not be shipped to or from  the campus mail center. Examples include weapons, fireworks, or alcohol by students under 21 years of age.  If mail center staff believe that the contents of a package could violate campus policy, the Dean of Students will be notified. The Dean will contact the student and determine if a policy violation may have occurred.

Students are responsible for transporting their mail/packages to their residence hall room.

Storage in the Mail Center is limited.  As such, at the start of the year, students can schedule items to arrive at the mailroom prior to the student's arrival but should work with the individual carrier to try to get those items to arrive as close to the student's arrival as possible.

For questions about mail service, please contact the Mail & Service Center.