While our campus and surrounding community is a generally safe environment to live in we must be prepared for any potential emergency or crisis situations that may arise.  Crisis situations would include any situations that have the potential to endanger the safety and lives of Cornell College students, employees, visitors, or the security of the Cornell campus and property.

All student staff members are encouraged to follow the tips below for helping to ensure the safety and security of our campus community:

  • Those with a cell phone are encouraged to register to receive RAM Alerts via text message. 
  • Program Cornell College Campus Safety’s telephone numbers into your cell phone: (O) 319-895-4299 or (C) 319-533-6068.  
  • You may also find it helpful to have the Mount Vernon Police Department (MVPD) non-emergency number in your cell phone as well: 319-895-6141.
  • During any emergency situation please be sure to contact Cornell Campus Safety as soon as possible, including notification of your location.

In addition to the tips above, the links below will provide you with further instructions for how student staff members should handle these situations.  Please know these are general guidelines based on best practices for responding to emergency situations.  Not every situation will be the same, so trust your training and instincts and don't be afraid to contact your assistant director or the Campus Safety staff to ask questions if there's time to do so.  Also, it is important that you always follow any instructions given to you by officials from Campus Safety, Mount Vernon Police, Mount Vernon Fire, or other emergency responders.