In the event that the weather becomes severe enough to warrant action, the Student Affairs Staff Member On-Call with the assistance of the ADRLs and Campus Safety will contact the residence hall staff.  Action should also be taken if the city alarm (a sustained siren) is activated, or if there is a RAM Alert sent out.  Staff should monitor TV and radio broadcast throughout the warning.

If a severe weather warning is communicated to hall staff, all available staff in the building should coordinate their efforts to inform residents of the impending weather and take the following precautions:

  • Residents should move to inner hallways or inner stairwells, closing and securing their rooms as they leave.  Generally, the lowest in the building the residents can move the better.
  • Residents are to avoid the top floors of the building and such areas as the entrances, foyers, lobbies, stairwells, or any area that may be glass enclosed or has a large unsupported roof.
  • Despite natural curiosity, students should not go outside.
  • Staff should attempt to take their flashlight and a portable radio to their place of shelter.
  • Do not move until the tornado or storm is well out of the area and the warning has been officially lifted.
  • During the severe weather warning, residents are to remain in the place of shelter until the warning has been officially lifted.
  • Follow up with the appropriate work orders, to be turned in by the following workday.

Designated Shelters in Residence Halls

Armstrong House                                         Basement

Bowman-Carter Hall                                    SE hallway by vending

Dows Hall                                                       Basement

Merner Hall                                                   1st Floor Hallways

Smith Hall                                                      1st Floor Apartment Hallways

Olin Hall                                                         0-Deck Hallways

Pauley-Rorem Hall                                      Basement Storage Room

Pfeiffer Hall                                                   Garden Level Hallways

Russell Hall                                                   Community Room

Tarr Hall                                                        Main Floor Hallway

Tenth Ave Apartments                               Basement

The Cottage                                                  Basement

Wilch Apartments                                       Basement