Due to the differences in layout and the amount of staff available, each building will have a slightly different response to situations involving fire.  Please take time with your ADRL to discuss the fire evacuation procedures that makes sense for your hall. 

In general, if you find fire or smoke in the building please do the following:

  • Sound the alarm if it isn't already activated.
  • If it is safe to do so, direct everyone to leave the building as you exit the building
  • Call 911 and give building location
  • Report the fire to Campus Safety
  • Use fire extinguishers to put out the fire only if it is safe to do so
  • Direct people to the designated meeting area (listed below) and stand away from the building and off the roads and driveways to allow emergency vehicles full access to the building
  • Assist Campus Safety or the Fire Department once they arrive and take command of the situation.  

In general, if you hear the fire alarm going off, but do not see fire in the building please do the following:

  • First Person To Panel - this staff member is in charge of the evacuation procedures.  Determine the location where the alarm has been activated and call Campus Safety.  Wait by the panel for the other RAs to assist you.  Do not leave the panel unless it is unsafe to remain in the building.  Direct the RAs in the following order.  
  •  Second Person To Panel - this staff member will go to alarming floor, assuming it is safe to do so, and attempt to find the reason the alarm went off (check smoke detector activation light and pull stations).  If it is a real fire, get off the floor and call 911 as soon as you get to a telephone.  Attempt to clear the floor at the same time if it is safe to do so.  Report back to the fire panel and report reason for the alarm.
  • All Other RAs Available - these staff members will be assigned to assist with crowd control as they report to fire panel.  They should each be assigned to check a different entrance/exit to the building, assuming it is safe to do so, and then proceed to the designated evacuation location.

NOTE - When Campus Safety or the emergency responders arrive they may silence the alarm to allow them to communicate while inspecting the building.  Should they silence the alarm, that does not mean it is safe to return to the building.  Staff and students must wait for the all clear from Campus Safety or the Fire Department before letting anyone back into the building.  Also, it is possible the alarms could continue to go off after they are silenced.  Unless instructed otherwise by Campus Safety or the Fire Department you should evacuate the building each time the alarm sounds.


The staff member in charge of the evacuation procedures should follow up with any  appropriate work orders and an incident report turned in the following workday detailing the events that transpired.

Designated Evacuation Sites

Armstrong House                                         Parking Lot E across College Boulevard

Bowman-Carter Hall                                    North-side lawn along 1st Street

Dows Hall                                                       Tri-Hall quad lawn

Merner Hall                                                   North-side lawn along 1st Street

Smith Hall                                                      Intramural fields

The Cottage                                                    North-side lawn along 1st Street

Olin Hall                                                         North-side lawn along 1st Street

Pauley-Rorem Hall                                       East side of Pauley-Rorem Hall

Pfeiffer Hall                                                    Tri-Hall quad lawn

Russell Hall                                                    Pauley-Rorem/Russell quad lawn

Tarr Hall                                                         Tri-Hall quad Lawn

Tenth Ave Apartments                                 Intramural fields

Wilch Apartments                                         Lawn across 5th Avenue