There are a number of different reasons a building may need to be evacuated.  If you hear an evacuation alarm or are verbally told to evacuate a building please do the following:

  • Listen to and follow all instructions
  • Remain calm and leave quickly
  • As you exit, and assuming it is safe to do, quickly check nearby residential rooms, restrooms, kitchens, lounges, storage rooms, and other areas for occupants who may not have heard the evacuation signal
  • As you exit try to discern the reason for the alarm/evacuation order if it's not already known.  Again, do not put yourself in unnecessary danger to do so.
  • Notify Campus Safety or emergency officials of the alarm/evacuation order and of anyone in the building who may be in need of assistance
  • Take with you ONLY essential personal items. Do not attempt to take large or heavy objects
  • Shut all doors behind you as you go
  • Do not use elevators
  • Once outside do not block exits or emergency vehicle access. Move at least 500 feet away from the building or to a specific location as directed by Campus Safety or other emergency personnel (see list of designated evacuation locations below)
  • Stay together as a group
  • Do not attempt to re-enter the building or area until advised by officials that it is safe to do so

If a resident on your floor has a permanent or temporary disability or impairment that could delay/impact their ability to leave quickly in an emergency situation, please be sure to talk with them in advance about evacuation plan accommodations and their needs during these types of situations.  Make sure to relay this information to the ADRL. 

Designated Evacuation Sites

Armstrong House                                         Parking Lot E across College Boulevard

Bowman-Carter Hall                                    North-side lawn along 1st Street

Dows Hall                                                       Tri-Hall quad lawn

Merner Hall                                                   North-side lawn along 1st Street

Smith Hall                                                      Intramural fields

The Cottage                                                    North-side lawn along 1st Street

Olin Hall                                                         North-side lawn along 1st Street

Pauley-Rorem Hall                                       East side of Pauley-Rorem Hall

Pfeiffer Hall                                                    Tri-Hall quad lawn

Russell Hall                                                    Pauley-Rorem/Russell quad lawn

Tarr Hall                                                         Tri-Hall quad Lawn

Wilch Apartments                                         Lawn across 5th Avenue