Students of Cornell

Each one of our students is amazing.

Unique. Special. Talented.

They're from all over and are following many different paths, but they've all found their place on our Hilltop campus.

Here's the one word they think best describes themselves. What's your word?

Beth Brown '20
Elementary Education
Wilmette, Illinois
Ben Garcia '19
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Biology
St. Paul, Minnesota
Alexandra Lewyn '19
Industrial Organizational Psychology
Atlanta, Georgia
Benjamin Kit Wong '18
Playwriting & Directing of Marginalized Populations
Fremont, California
Giselle Nguyen '20
Piano Performance & Management
Hanoi Hanoi, Vietnam
Haley Harmon '19
Business & Finance with a Psychology minor
Becker, Minnesota
Jessica Meis '19
Art History & Latin American Studies
Marion, Iowa
KateLynn Hohman '18
Secondary Education & History
Evergreen Park, Illinois
Kimberly Cuevas '20
International Relations with a minor in Economics and Business
Cleveland, Ohio
LaNice Baker '19
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Dallas, Texas
Libby Anderson '18
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology with a minor in Biology
Spring Grove, Illinois
Marisa Flores '19
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology with a Psychology minor
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Marshall Hobson-Ritz '18
Kenmore, Washington
Mary Tamo '19
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Chicago, Illinois
MaryJo Schmidt '20
Biochemistry, Sociology, Psychology, and Nuclear Biology
St. Michael, Minnesota
Mickey Hines '20
Kinesiology with a K-12 education endorsement
Mount Vernon, Iowa
Salem Ozaki '19
Computer Science
Union, Washington
Samantha Nadel '19
Chemistry and Archaeology
Houston, Texas
Shelby Broaddus
Theatre for Social Change with a Geology minor
Houston, Texas
Sandra Gomez '18
Psychology with a Civic Engagement minor
Rock Falls, Illinois