The following guidelines are intended to help you estimate the required minimum lead time involved for various types of projects. Please be aware that these lead times are only estimates—your project will be considered in relation to other projects and priorities. To help us plan and prioritize, please initiate your projects as soon as you know about them, often months in advance.

Time, Cost or Quality?

In order to help us understand your priorities, determine which of these goals is most important for your project: quality, expediency, or cost. You can then indicate this preference on your order.

Print project guidelines

  • Small projects include flyers, specialized note cards, posters, etc., and require 8 business days of advance notice.

  • Medium projects include brochures, programs, etc. require 20 business days of advance notice.

  • Large projects include books, etc. require 30 business days of advance notice. This is necessary to ensure that our creative team as well as the printers processing the project will have ample time to create a high-quality project for as low a cost as possible.