Resources for faculty and staff

There are a number of steps in making your event successful. This page outlines typical steps and provides links to a number of campus resources related to event planning. 

Note that the Office of Marketing and Communications does not typically coordinate events or create promotional materials. However, we do promote more significant events electronically through the weekly campus newsletter and social media. The easiest way for us to learn about your event is by placing it on the master calendar as early as possible. 

Resources for students

Student groups and their advisors may find additional resources for event planning and advertising on the Student Activities site.

Event planning checklist

Step 1: Reserve a space

Use Meeting Room Manager to set the time and location of your event. Fill out the Thomas Commons tech request form if you need something other than what is in that space.

Step 2: Describe your event

Develop a brief (50-75 words) description of your event, including a contact name and email address. Also include a link to more information or a registration form, if available.

Step 3: Add your event to the calendar

Submit your event to the master calendar as far in advance as possible, marked as “public.” We will review your posting prior to editing and approving it for display on the master calendar. All events approved for the master calendar will be published automatically in the Campus Newsletter and will appear in the events listings on faculty/staff and student gateways. 

Step 4: Promote your event on campus

There are a variety of avenues for displaying or distributing promotional materials on campus. You may also consider social media channels managed by student groups or offices.

Step 5: Promote your event beyond campus

In most cases, event publicity should be limited to campus. If you would like to publicize your event off campus, please complete a marketing project request and we will help determine appropriate strategies.