Visual identity guidelines

In order to establish and maintain a consistent and professional identity to our external audiences, Cornell College has established a set of visual guidelines. These include proper usage of Cornell's logo, colors, and associated images and templates. Please read the Cornell College Visual Guidelines prior to using any college graphic.

Key attributes

Cornell’s five key attributes are differentiating phrases that capture Cornell’s mission and character. They were developed from the Strategic Planning process and focused market research and provide the foundation for communicating Cornell’s brand identity and value.

  1. Immerse Yourself.
  2. Learn Without Boundaries.
  3. One Professor. One Course.
  4. Right Here, Right Now.
  5. Finish Strong.

Read complete descriptions and proof points for the key attributes.

Cornell Style Guide

The grammar nerds in the Office of Marketing and Communications have developed a style guide for Cornell College-specific spelling, punctuation, and grammar (yes, we use the Oxford comma). It is intended as a reference by college employees and students for official college communications and is password-protected on Google Drive. If you have questions, suggestions, or possible additions, contact Dee Ann Rexroat.