Meet the members of our student marketing corps. Our students come from multiple disciplines with a variety of majors and help to support our campus-wide communication and marketing efforts. Our student social media team is a self-lead group that you may see on the scene all around campus documenting student group activity, visiting speakers, events, squirrel activity, and the beauty of campus.

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Social Media Team

  • Photo of Alayna Jennings '21

    Alayna Jennings '21

    Social Media Team Digital Media Producer

    My name is Alayna Jennings, and I’m a psychology major. I always have found the mind an interesting topic and hope to use that interest to pursue a career in child therapy. Photography has also been a big passion of mine. I started out mostly photographing nature but have recently enjoyed photographing events and people for the Cornell College social media sites. I love working for Cornell’s student social media team because it keeps me up to date with what’s happening around campus. This job has also helped me feel bonded to the school and has helped me to get to know the people here.

  • Photo of Paulina Diaz-Alton '21

    Paulina Diaz-Alton '21

    Social Media Team Digital Media Producer

    My name is Paulina Diaz-Alton, and I’m from Austin, Texas although I was originally born in Mexico. I’m an English major with a minor in studio art. I have been practicing and learning photography for the past four years and it has grown to be an immense passion of mine. Photography satisfies my insatiable love of art and expression in all forms. I deeply enjoy working and creating in the atmosphere that Cornell provides. I hope to become a writer or photographer in the future and Cornell's Social Media Team allows me to use my skills and talents to grow into and become who I want to be while continuing to further my education in a passionate, dedicated, and positive environment.