Meet the members of our student marketing corps. Our students come from multiple disciplines with a variety of majors and help to support our campus-wide communication and marketing efforts. Our student social media team is a self-lead group that you may see on the scene all around campus documenting student group activity, visiting speakers, events, squirrel activity, and the beauty of campus.

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Social Media Team

  • Photo of Paulina Diaz-Alton '21

    Paulina Diaz-Alton '21

    Social Media Team Digital Media Producer

    My name is Paulina Diaz-Alton, and I’m from Austin, Texas although I was originally born in Mexico. I’m an English major with a minor in studio art. I have been practicing and learning photography for the past four years and it has grown to be an immense passion of mine. Photography satisfies my insatiable love of art and expression in all forms. I deeply enjoy working and creating in the atmosphere that Cornell provides. I hope to become a writer or photographer in the future and Cornell's Social Media Team allows me to use my skills and talents to grow into and become who I want to be while continuing to further my education in a passionate, dedicated, and positive environment.

  • Photo of Chantelle Reider

    Chantelle Reider

    Social Media Team Digital Media Producer

    My name is Chantelle Reider and I’m a senior majoring in English. I’m currently from Idaho, but have lived all across the United States. I was always interested in photography, but I became serious about it when I turned 13 years old and received a DSLR camera for my birthday. I don’t consider myself an artist, but I love the feeling of capturing moments in life that people might pass over without a second glance. I enjoy growing and working in the workplace that being on Cornell’s team provides. I am passionate about both writing and photography, which is what this job allows me to pursue in a creative and positive environment.

  • Photo of Sam Gbur

    Sam Gbur

    Social Media Team Digital Media Producer

    My name is Samuel Gbur and I'm a first-year student majoring in chemistry. I'm from the south suburbs of Chicago. I enjoy advertising the wide array of events here at Cornell College, which is what brought me to the social media team!

  • Photo of Brendan Langmack

    Brendan Langmack

    Social Media Team Digital Media Producer

    My name is Brendan Langmack and I am a senior from Olathe, Kansas majoring in chemistry and minoring in physics. I am involved with the men's lacrosse team, student mentoring and peer advocacy, tutoring, and the Chemistry Club. After Cornell, I plan to pursue a career in pharmaceutical research and development.