Booking a room/space via Google Calendar:

  1. In your Google calendar, create a new event with the following format: EVENT NAME- ROOM NAME- YOUR NAME
  2. Select from available ROOMS next to where to add Guests. Search for a room or select the building to view available rooms (booked rooms will not appear). You may select multiple rooms if necessary for the same reservation. Some rooms like Hall-Perrine are not available for self-serve.
  3. ADD CORNELL SCHEDULING MANAGER AS A GUEST to help us better monitor reservations for conflicts. Click SAVE.

Google Calendar screenshot

*For more detailed instructions and a video walkthrough, please visit this helpdesk article for more information. If there is a problem with your reservation you will be notified. 

*Please sanitize surfaces in reserved rooms before AND after using them.

Checking for existing reservations in rooms:

  1. Log in to your Cornell email and Google Calendar.
  2. On the left hand side, click the "+" next to "Other Calendars", then "Browse Resources."

google_calendar                   google_calendar_browse

Questions regarding the Thomas Commons or general room reservations can be directed to the Info Desk or Rebecca Sullens, Thomas Commons Manager. Questions regarding other buildings can be directed to the following individuals:

**Please note that several often-used meeting spaces (such as Hall-Perrine and Hedges) have been converted into classrooms and may not be available due to class and the technology stored in those classrooms.  Allee Chapel, Kimmel Theater, and Hall Perrine are available by confirmation only via this form. King Chapel and Smith Dining Room are not available for Spring 2021.

Room/Space Reservation Priority:

All room reservations and changes are left up to the discretion of the Thomas Commons manager. Should specific priority groups or events need access to space, your room reservations may be cancelled or modified and a suitable substitute will be presented whenever possible. Room reservation will be prioritized as follows:

  • Board of Trustees

  • Classroom & Select Staff Use

  • Clubs & Organizations

  • Student Study Spaces 

  • Other

Room/Space Reservation Guidelines:

  • Sanitizing Rules- Students are required to wipe down study spaces before and after use with materials from the centrally-located sanitizing stations. 

  • Occupancy- All rooms have maximum COVID-19 occupancy listed on external doors and within the reservation system and must be observed. It is recommended that room occupancy be utilized under the maximum whenever possible due to COVID-19.

  • Advance Bookings- Room reservations should not be booked more than one block in advance if possible. In the event that events are booked farther in advance, they may be subject to cancellation due to needs for priority events. 

  • Room Technology- Classrooms that have specialized technology equipment are not available for use as evening study spaces.

  • Computer Labs- An open-use computer lab is not available due to exposure risks. Students who need access to a computer should contactInformation Technology to obtain a laptop on loan.

  • Academic Building Access- Students who need access to an academic building after it is locked for the evening can obtain passes in advance from their faculty members.

**All room/space reservations are subject to the same expectations regarding theft, vandalism, etc as outlined in The Compass:Student Policy Handbook.