Additional Study Spaces During COVID-19

Students looking for additional spaces to study or conduct virtual appointments can utilize rooms in College Hall and South Hall by reservation. Rooms can be reserved by visiting the Info Desk, emailing Rsullens, or utilizing instructions for booking a room below.  Anyone utilizing these spaces must sanitize surfaces with materials provided before AND after reservation.

Changes to Reservation Process

Due to COVID-19 precautions, students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to conduct meetings virtually over Zoom whenever possible. If you do require a physical space, please contact the following individuals to discuss reservations for the following spaces, consult the Info Desk, or see instructions below:

**Please note that several often-used meeting spaces (such as Hall-Perrine and Hedges) have been converted into classrooms and may not be available due to class and the technology stored in those classrooms. King Chapel, Allee Chapel, Kimmel Theater, Smith Dining Room, and Hall Perrine are available by confirmation only via this form.

Booking a room:

Cornell has discontinued its use of Meeting Room Manager. The Rooms function in Google Calendar is currently being tested on campus as a replacement.  Your patience is appreciated during this transition.

  1. In your Google calendar, create a new event.
  2. Please include a title with your activity and your name, desired time, and then select "Add rooms."


3. Select a room from the Available Rooms list (note current COVID-19 capacities are listed)

4. Invite Cornell Scheduling Manager as a Guest and click SAVE. 

*For more detailed instructions and a video walkthrough, please visit this helpdesk article for more information. If there is a problem with your reservation you will be notified. 

*Please sanitize surfaces in reserved rooms before AND after using them.

Checking for existing reservations in rooms:

  1. Log in to your Cornell email and Google Calendar.
  2. On the left hand side, click the "+" next to "Other Calendars", then "Browse Resources."

google_calendar                   google_calendar_browse