Cornell College’s Office of Marketing and Communications promotes and protects the college’s brand, in part by ensuring proper use of our logos. We have done this since 2013 by administering a trademark licensing program.

For students, faculty, and staff, this means that if you order merchandise or apparel that uses Cornell’s name or logo, it must be manufactured by a licensed vendor.

Why license?

  • Licensing gives the college control over its logos and name, ensuring the quality and consistency of all college merchandise
  • It allows the college to charge a royalty for using its logos and name. Revenue is collected from manufacturers, not retailers, and supports further marketing of the college
  • It creates a cooperative and positive working relationship with our manufacturers and retailers, as well as with Follett, the parent company of Cornell’s bookstore

Who needs a license?

Vendors using the name, logos, and symbols of the college to create artwork imprinted or embroidered on apparel and accessories must obtain a license. This includes:

  • Follett bookstore vendors
  • Online vendors
  • Vendors providing products in the local community
  • Vendors used by Cornell faculty, staff, students, and alumni (while royalties are not charged for merchandise used internally or given away, licensing is required)

Internal use requests

If using a Cornell logo or wordmark in your design, departments and student organizations must use an approved Cornell vendor, and must follow the guidelines within the college’s graphics standards manual. If there is a vendor you wish to have licensed, contact Dee Ann Rexroat (see below).

Projects for college departments may be exempt from licensing fees. If your vendor asks, refer them to the Office of Marketing and Communications. 

How do I know I'm using an approved logo?

Working with a licensed vendor automatically ensures the use of the approved logo.

What is the approval process for designs?

The college contracts with CLC Licensing (formerly Learfield) and uses an online approval process required to be completed in 72 hours.

What happens if my design isn’t approved?

The marketing office will make suggestions and the vendor will work with you to arrive at an acceptable design.

Can student groups or alumni sell products using the college’s name or logos as a fundraiser?

Yes, provided a licensed vendor is used to produce the merchandise.

Licensed vendors

Licensed vendors contact information


Dee Ann Rexroat, Director of College Communications

895.4241 or