The Quantitative Reasoning Studio is located on the third floor of the Cole Library in Room 322. Please refer to the Quantitative Reasoning Studio homepage for our hours and general policies for working with students.

General communications

(319) 895-4201
Box: 1658


Quantitative Reasoning Studio
600 First Street SW
Mount Vernon, IA 52314-1098

  • Photo of Jessica Johanningmeier

    Jessica Johanningmeier

    Quantitative Reasoning Studio Director

     Cole Library 324

Meet the Peer Consultants 

Allison Krull
Majors: Sociology, Statistics

Amber Frazier
Majors: Business Management, Computer Science

Amelia Gunnelson
Major: Mathematics & Statistics

Asher Muse
Majors: Computer Science, Statistics

Dan Zhang
Majors: Economics & Business, Mathematics & Statistics

David Underwood-Sherrell
Majors: Education, Mathematics & Statistics

Jack Bressett
Majors: Economics & Business, Mathematics & Statistics

Madeline Smith
Major: Business Finance, Mathematics & Statistics

Penny Peng
Majors: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Chemistry

Pierson Pahl
Major: Physics & Engineering

Qingbao Wang
Majors: Engineering, Mathematics & Statistics

Xinyi Li
Majors: Business, Psychology

Yuzhe Zheng
Majors: Economics & Business, Mathematics & Statistics