Overview of Services

Quantitative Reasoning Studio Director Jessica Johanningmeier can work with you in any class in which students encounter numerical information. Specifically, she can

  • visit your class to conduct mini-lessons and workshops on a variety of topics in mathematics and statistics (reading journal articles, graphing in Excel, designing a study and collecting data, etc.)
  • visit your class to introduce students to Studio services
  • meet with students one-on-one or in groups for assistance with projects or class work involving numerical information
  • consult with you about assignments involving data
  • consult with you on incorporating data into existing assignments or classes 

Guidelines for Working with Consultants

  • contact consultants early--preferably before a given block begins--to discuss course plans and to arrange for instruction
  • provide consultants with assignment descriptions, syllabi, and other relevant documentation
  • meet with consultants to discuss expectations, class demographic, etc.

Additional Resources for Faculty

Cornell has a subscription to ICPSR (Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research) that allows for downloading of statistical data sets. Faculty are welcome to use these data sets in their classes. There is a helpful ICPSR tutorial available online through Lawrence University. For more information, please contact Jessica Johanningmeier or Meghan Yamanishi.