It is the mission of Cole Library and the Center for Teaching and Learning to engage students in exploring ideas. We foster in student the skills and dispositions to access, evaluate, use and communicate information to solve problems, make decisions, and generate new knowledge.

Building a Syllabus
Requirements and guidelines for syllabi as established in the faculty handbook, and examples of syllabi.

Hybrid and Online Teaching at Cornell
Options for providing course instruction, program facilitation, or conferencing from off campus or hybrid situations with a mix of on an off campus participants.

Focusing on Assignments
Examples of effective OCAAT research assignments, assessment instruments, and other class assignment ideas

Scholarly Communication
Initiatives to enhance the exchange of research within the scholarly community

Information Literacy
Teaching students to be effective and critical in their use of information

Choice Reviews Online
Reviews of scholarly materials; Cornell faculty can create individual accounts with interests, automatic notification of new material, and wish lists

Copyright in the Classroom
Guidelines for using copyrighted materials in a classroom setting, including handout and course reserves.  For information about reserve policy and procedure at Cornell, please visit the Course Reserve Policy page.

Answers to common questions about library services

Conversations About Teaching
Over lunch during the third Friday of each block, the CTL hosts Conversations about Teaching. Check the master calendar for details.