A unique aspect of academic support at Cornell College is the Center for Teaching and Learning, which is involved with students throughout the course of their assignments and with faculty as they design learning experiences for students. The Center brings together the Consulting Librarians, the Writing Studio, the Academic Technology Studio, Audiovisual Services, and the Quantitative Reasoning Studio—all housed in Cole Library—to support students‘ development of information literacy and critical thinking in collaboration with faculty. Information literacy can be defined as skills, values, and attitudes for articulating an information need, accessing information, evaluating and processing information, and using and communicating ideas, within the context of social and ethical implications of information use.

The Center has as its goal to support attainment of high academic standards through innovation, collaboration, and commitment to excellence.

To meet that goal, the Center:

  • supports students in meeting the high academic standards set by faculty
  • provides assistance to students in the context of course expectations and assignments
  • offers faculty the opportunity to engage in conversation about pedagogy
  • disseminates information about trends, innovations, and research in teaching and learning
  • consults with faculty on fitting instruction and assignments to OCAAT
  • assists faculty in accessing and using resources to enhance learning
  • supports commitment to academic honesty as a college core value
  • offers coordinated services of Consulting Librarians, a Quantitative Reasoning consultant, an Academic Media Consultant, and Writing Consultants
  • provides referral to resources for students with learning disabilities, and confers with faculty on strategies for supporting these students

Faculty are welcome to meet with professional staff to discuss course assignments, syllabus design, and integration of writing, quantitative reasoning, or technology.