Program advisor: William Harmon Norton Professor of Geology Rhawn Denniston | Contact info

Any Cornell College faculty member planning an off-campus course that contains a substantive environmental studies component may request financial support from the Cargill Fund of the Environmental Studies Program.

Core Faculty

  • Photo of Rhawn Denniston

    Rhawn Denniston

    William Harmon Norton Professor of Geology

    Teaches Climate Change, Climates of the Ice Age, Environmental Geology, Earth Surface Systems, and co-teaches Environmental Perspectives. Conducts research with students on stalagmites and ancient corals to understand prehistoric climate conditions around the world including Portugal, the Australian (sub)tropics, and the Dominican Republic. Ph.D., University of Iowa; M.S., University of New Mexico; B.A., Hamilton College.

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Affiliated Faculty

  • Photo of Marty Condon

    Marty Condon

    Professor of Biology

    Collaborates with professional and student researchers around the world to study the evolution and ecology of plant-animal relationships in the tropics. Ph.D., University of Texas; B.S. University of Michigan.

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  • Photo of A'amer Farooqi

    A'amer Farooqi

    Professor of Economics and Business

    Co-teaches Environmental Perspectives. Research interests include environmental issues as they relate to economic growth in developing countries. Ph.D. and M.A., University of Pittsburgh; M.A., Ohio State University; B.A., Denison University.

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  • Photo of Glenn Freeman

    Glenn Freeman

    Associate Professor of English

    Teaches American Nature Writers at the Wilderness Field Station in northern Minnesota. Ph.D., University of Florida, Gainesville; M.F.A., Vermont College; B.A., Goddard College.

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  • Photo of Alice Ganzel

    Alice Ganzel

    Associate Professor of Psychology

    Teaches Environmental Psychology and Fundamentals of Psychological Science and Research Methods; Child, Adolescence, and Lifespan. Ph.D. and M.A. in developmental psychology, University of Nebraska, Lincoln; B.A., University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

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  • Photo of Leslie Kathleen Hankins

    Leslie Kathleen Hankins

    Professor of English

    Teaches Modern American Literature: Encountering the Wilderness in Literature and the Visual Arts. Ph.D. and M.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; B.A., Duke University. Serves as president of the Virginia Woolf Society.

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  • Photo of Tammy Mildenstein

    Tammy Mildenstein

    Assistant Professor of Biology

    Teaches Environmental Biology, Wildlife and People, Endangered Species Conservation, Ecology, Pollination Ecology, Grassland Ecology and Humans, and off-campus field courses on international wildlife conservation biology. Conducts conservation-focused population ecological research on threatened species including flying foxes in tropical forests of SE Asia and on Pacific islands and monarch butterflies in Iowa tallgrass prairies. M.S. and Ph.D. in Wildlife Biology, University of Montana; B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Iowa State University.

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  • Photo of Michelle Mouton

    Michelle Mouton

    Professor of English

    Teaches Romantic and Victorian literature, film, and AIDS literature and film. She is co-founder of the Foxden Press and co-teaches Introduction to Book Arts. She raises honeybees and teaches a first-year seminar on food and sustainability. Ph.D., English and critical theory, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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  • Photo of Drew Muscente

    Drew Muscente

    Assistant Professor of Geology

    Drew teaches introductory and advanced courses in sedimentary (“soft rock”) geology. He and his students study the fossil record to better understand the evolution and preservation of ancient marine animal life. This research involves a mix of field and laboratory work on fossil specimens as well as an array of computational methods applied to large databases.

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  • Photo of Brian Nowak-Thompson

    Brian Nowak-Thompson

    Associate Professor of Biology and Chemistry

    Teaches Environmental Chemistry. Ph.D. and M.S., Oregon State University; B.S., Northland College.

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  • Photo of Mary Olson

    Mary Olson

    Professor of Sociology

    Conducts research on fishing rights in the Pacific Northwest. Ph.D. and M.S., University of Wisconsin; B.A., University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

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  • Photo of Misha Quill

    Misha Quill

    Assistant Professor of Anthropology

    Teaches courses in justice, gender, human rights, social organization, sustainability, medical anthropology, religious practice, and research methods. Her courses, which focus on the social world, often include trips in places such as India, Nepal, the Bahamas, Ireland, and Mexico. Quill's research in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Ireland focuses largely on the complex interactions that NGOs and nonprofits have with the people they seek to help. Ph.D., cultural anthropology, University of Iowa.

  • Photo of Craig Teague

    Craig Teague

    Professor of Chemistry

    Teaches Environmental Chemistry. Teaches courses in physical chemistry, Chemical Principles I & II, and other courses. In partnership with the Oak Ridge National Lab in Tennessee, his research with students explores methods of separating and capturing carbon dioxide, particularly using room temperature ionic liquids. Ph.D. in chemistry, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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  • Photo of Emily Walsh

    Emily Walsh

    Associate Professor of Geology

    Teaches linked geology-sociology courses focused on use of natural resources. Conducts research on the processes involved in mountain building. Ph.D., University of California at Santa Barbara; B.A., Middlebury College.

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  • Photo of Jim White

    Jim White

    Professor of Philosophy

    Teaches Environmental Ethics and Ethics and Climate Change; His research involves climate ethics, and evolution and philosophy. Ph.D. and B.A., University of Virginia.

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  • Photo of Isaac Winkler

    Isaac Winkler

    Post-doctoral Researcher and Lecturer in the Department of Biology

    Isaac teaches various courses in organismal biology. He studies the evolutionary relationships of insect groups to learn about how biodiversity arises. Ph.D., University of Maryland, B.S. Brigham Young University.