Environmental studies award winners of 2017

The Environmental Studies Program Committee oversees two annual awards in Environmental Studies: the Robert “Bob” Black award and the John Mark Dean award. The Black and Dean awards recognize Environmental Studies students who have demonstrated a deep-rooted intellectual engagement with the field of environmental studies.

The Robert “Bob” Black Award

Bob Black was a long-time biology faculty member and driving force in Cornell’s Environmental Studies program and was instrumental in establishing Cornell’s Wilderness Term in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota. Black scholars focus on the natural sciences.

The John Mark Dean Award

John Dean is a Cornell alum (1958) who served as director of the Marine Sciences program at the University of South Carolina and then as director of the University of South Carolina Center for Environmental Policy. He established Cornell’s Rogers Fellowship in Environmental Studies and has remained an ardent supporter of Cornell’s Environmental Studies program by promoting its connections to the natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences. Dean scholars focus on the arts, social sciences, or humanities.

Previous award winners


  • Robin Bulger '17, The John Mark Dean Award
  • John Tesensky '17, The Robert "Bob" Black Award


  • Alexandra Young, Black Award
  • April Richards, Dean Award


  • Alexandra Young, Black Award
  • Caitlin Huff, Dean Award


  • Caitlin Huff, Black Award
  • Carlie Ruffalo, Dean Award


  • Ellen Pajor, Black Award
  • Megan McElhaney, Dean Award


  • Joe Harrity, Black Award
  • Elizabeth Broussard, Dean Award