**IMPORTANT: This information was for Summer Housing 2015 and is here for reference purposes only. This will be updated again in spring 2016.**


The College will offer a limited number of on-campus housing spaces in Pauley-Rorem Hall. Pauley-Rorem is newly renovated, consisting of air-conditioning and new lounge spaces. Though we anticipate being able to house all students who are interested in living on campus for the summer, priority will be given in the following order:

  • Current Cornell students who are working for the College and current Cornell students who are doing research with a Cornell faculty member
  • Current Cornell students who are doing internships not through the College
  • Other current Cornell students
  • Spring 2015 Cornell graduates who are doing research with a Cornell faculty member

Rates and options in length of summer housing

Students can choose between two lengths of summer stay:

  • A full summer (16 weeks) at $960 per person in a double room: Students here all summer will stay in their current housing assignment through the afternoon of May 8 and then will transition into their summer housing assignment; students are expected to be out of their current housing assignment by 6 p.m. on May 10 (learn more about residence hall closing). Those students will move to their 2015-2016 room on or around August 14. Residents who do not have a fall on-campus assignment will need to vacate summer housing at that time. The College reserves the right to amend these dates if unforeseeable situations arise. NOTE: Because of the renovations to Dows Hall this summer, Dows will close for all students at 11 a.m. on Thursday, May 7. Any current Dows resident who will be in summer housing for the entire summer will move to their summer assignment on May 6; details will be sent directly to those students impacted by this.
  • A 10-week agreement at $600 per person in a double room: Students here for 10 weeks will move into summer housing on Sunday, May 17 and are expected to be out of their current housing assignment by 11 a.m. on May 7 (learn more about residence hall closing). Those students will leave summer housing Saturday, July 25. For those students here for 10 weeks, an earlier check-in date and/or a later check-out date is not available.

Application process

Application for summer housing will be held Monday, April 13 through Friday, April 17 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. in the Residence Life Office (first floor, Old Sem). Students will need to complete a summer housing application (PDF). Applications received by this deadline will receive priority in summer housing. After that date, any student requesting summer housing will be housed only if there is space available. Students can preference a roommate during the application process (note that no single occupancy rooms are available, and so all summer residents will have a roommate). Roommates must be on the same length of stay (that is, a student here the entire summer can only room with another student here all summer; a student here for 10 weeks can only room with another student here for 10 weeks). Students in summer housing are eligible for all-gender housing (space permitting) and forms must be submitted with the summer housing application (learn more about all-gender housing).

Billing process

Students will be expected to provide payment for summer housing in full by Friday, May 8 unless they complete a Financial Agreement through Student Accounts to establish a payment plan by that date. Students can download the Financial Agreement for 2015 Summer Housing (PDF); copies are also available in Old Sem in Residence Life and/or Business Services.

Summer residents who elect to stay the entire summer who are approved to return early in the fall and whose early arrival housing costs will be covered by a department or organization will receive a partial room refund at the conclusion of the summer. Students with questions about that refund should contact our office.

Students with additional questions about summer billing should contact the Student Accounts office.

Continued construction in and around Pauley-Rorem

Though the bulk of the work in Pauley-Rorem is complete, residents should know that a few things are yet to be done. In particular, work will continue on the south side (the Russell Hall side) of the building, installing a new patio. This work may limit use of that south entrance at times. There will also be some work on the northwest exterior stairwell. In addition, in June work will need to be done in the television and gaming lounge. That work will close the lounge for approximately one week (and will also likely restrict use of the center stairwell for a day). In all cases, the Residence Life Office will share specific details of the work (and of the impact of that work) as information is confirmed.

Meal plans

The last meal for students on the meal plan is breakfast on Thursday, May 7. Meal plans begin in the fall with lunch on Saturday, August 29. The Hilltop Café will remain open through graduation weekend to accommodate graduating seniors and then close for the summer. It will reopen in mid-August to accommodate early arrivals. Summer residents' meal plans do not include graduation weekend or early arrival meals; however summer residents may purchase a meal at the door whenever the dining hall is open.


If they haven't already done so, summer residents should contact the Mail & Service Center to ensure that their mail continues to be delivered to their campus box.

R.A.M. (Rapid Alert Messaging) emergency system

Cornell College has established the R.A.M. (Rapid Alert Messaging) Emergency System to assist in campus wide notification in events of safety concern. Refer to the R.A.M. Emergency System website for more information and to register. All students are encouraged to register for this service. Any student who is already registered for this service will continue to receive alerts over the summer.


All residence life and College policies remain in effect for students in summer housing. Refer to the Policies for Residential Students for a complete listing of those expectations.


Students who find themselves locked out of their room should first try to contact their roommate. If their roommate is not available, then they can call an RA or Campus Safety to let them in (but will be charged for this service). All money collected for lock-outs is used to enhance hall programming initiatives.


All students with a vehicle staying on campus over the summer must have their vehicle registered with Campus Safety. Visit Campus Safety's website to learn more about summer parking.

Fitness Center

The fitness center in the Thomas Commons will be available over the summer. Refer to the Information Desk website for hours.