The R.A.M.(Rapid Alert Messaging)Emergency System


Cornell College has established the R.A.M. (Rapid Alert Messaging) Emergency System to assist in campus wide notification in events of safety concern. This system will disperse instant and simultaneous text messages to all faculty, staff, and students who have registered their cellular phone numbers for this program. Messages will be sent only in the event of emergencies by select staff members.

All students, faculty members and staff members are highly encouraged to register. It takes only a minute to register and there is no cost for registration. Participants will be charged standard text messaging fees for receiving messages, however, the R.A.M. Emergency System will only be used for urgent notifications requiring your immediate attention. No junk mail will be issued and the company handling this service will not distribute your phone numbers to other companies. Numbers provided for the R.A.M. emergency System are for mass text message notification only and will not be used for individual contact purposes.  Additionally, R.A.M. Emergency System users can also elect to be provided with campus notifications regarding email and Internet outages. 

Please note: Some students may have already provided a cell phone number to the College for personal contact purposes, but the College cannot register you for this service. So even if you have provided Cornell with your cell phone number, you still need to register for the R.A.M. Emergency System. 

What if I can’t use my cell phone in class? Enrollment in the R.A.M Emergency System does not circumvent classroom polices established by faculty in regards to cell phone use. As stated earlier, the mass notification is just one of several methods of communicating to the campus during times of emergency and safety concern.

Additional information about the mass notification system can be found on the Rave website at

Questions or concerns about the R.A.M. Emergency System can be addressed to the Director of Campus Safety.