• Exterior view of Youngker Hall, which houses Kimmel Theatre and is connected to Armstrong Hall. 

  • Auditorium seating inside Kimmel Theatre. 

  • Lights above the stage in Kimmel Theatre.

  • The tech crew runs the board. 

  • Students work on the lights inside Kimmel Theatre. 

  • View of the stage during the 2018 performance of "Rent."

  • 2018 performance of "Rent."

  • 2017 performance of "The Rocky Horror Show."

  • Behind the scenes, looking down on Kimmel's stage. 

Kimmel Theatre

The department's largest performance space, boasts a 265-seat auditorium and the most current technology in theatre production. Key features include a full rigging system, computerized automated lighting, color mixing scrollers, LCD projection, and a state of the art sound system with wireless body mics.

  • An exterior view of Armstrong Hall, which houses the Plumb-Fleming Black Box Studio.

  • 2016 production of "Those that Fall" in the Black Box Studio.

  • 2017 production of The Complete History of America [Abridged] in Plumb-Fleming. 

  • "Birth Witches," jointly produced by Cornell College Department of Theatre and Riverside Theatre in the Black Box Theatre in 2013.

  • 2013 production of "Cloud 9" in Plumb-Fleming. 

Plumb-Fleming Black Box Studio

Youngker Hall, which houses Kimmel Theatre, is connected to Amrstrong Hall, which houses the intimate black-box performance space—the Plumb-Fleming Studio Theatre, along with a spacious scene shop, modern classrooms, and office space.

  • Collaborating in the costume shop. 

  • Welding in the scene shop. 

  • Scene shop tools and hardware. 

  • Set construction in the scene shop. 

  • Costume fitting in the costume shop. 

  • Working on a pattern in the costume shop. 

  • Mannequin alley in the costume shop. 

Costume and set production

An inside look behind the scenes as sets and costumes are created.