Meet the members of our student marketing corps. Our students come from multiple disciplines with a variety of majors and help to support our campus-wide communication and marketing efforts. Our student social media team is a self-lead group that you may see on the scene all around campus documenting student group activity, visiting speakers, events, squirrel activity, and the beauty of campus.

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  • Photo of Jessica Meis '19

    Jessica Meis '19

    Social Media Team Lead

    Like many other students on this campus, I have found a home at Cornell. This is my second year here and just recently, I declared myself an Art History major with a Latin American Studies minor. I have always been interested in art. I could be found going to art museums, enthusiastic in my art classes, or running around with friends taking pictures of our fun adventures. Through my studies, I have developed a great love and appreciation for art in all of its forms. Last year, I joined the marketing team and found a new way to give back to this great community. I love to get involved and this job allows me to do just that. There is always something going on around this beautiful campus. My job entails capturing these fun, timeless moments to share with past, present, and future Cornellians on Cornell's social media pages. I have also recently taken on the Student Org Spotlight where I highlight one of the many student organizations present on campus. I love what I do and can't wait for what my future holds.

  • Photo of Oliver Vale '17

    Oliver Vale '17

    Photographer/Social Media Content Provider

    I am junior from Manhattan Beach California, who is 3 years into school in Iowa and still adjusting to the winter. I have always been interested in photography, but never whole-heartedly pursued it until I took a photo class at Cornell, which led me to being hired by the marketing department. I love being able to work with people I enjoy and respect and I love always knowing what’s happening on campus. The best part of my job is I get to make my own projects and make my mark on Cornell. The first project I’ve come up with and taken on is People of Cornell in which I find a student to feature on Cornell’s social media every month. I really enjoy hearing peoples stories about Cornell.

  • Photo of Jessica Halter '18

    Jessica Halter '18

    Photographer/Social Media Content Provider

    I’m a Sophomore at Cornell, and as of today I’m thinking I’ll major in English (Creative Writing) and minor in Biology. It’s an unusual combination, and my career goals are unusual too, though if you were to ask me about them, I’d have a hard time telling you exactly what they are. Along with my job in marketing, I work for the English department, help publish the student magazine Boom, play percussion in Wind Ensemble and am part of the Pandemonium steel band. In my free time, I like to indulge in fiction in its manifold forms, write pointless poetry, and occasionally make stuff. I’m a cat person, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love dogs. I consider myself competent at managing social media, but I absolutely love photography and storytelling, which is what life in the marketing team really comes down to. In the long term I figure I’m going to have photography in my life one way or another, and if I can fit it into my aforementioned unusual and ambiguous career goals, all the better. Either way, I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to develop my communication and marketing skills, and to have a real paid job that’s creative and fun.

  • Photo of Zara Anderson '18

    Zara Anderson '18

    Photographer/Social Media Content Provider

    My name is Zara Anderson and I am a sophomore. I am majoring in both studio art and international relations. I have always considered photography a passion of mine. I began working in the darkroom in middle school and became hooked soon after. In high school I would spend many of my weekends working in the darkroom. I eventually picked up a digital camera and learned to use my skills from the darkroom to mix fine art with documentary photography. I have enjoyed working with the Marketing Department to produce visually appealing work to share with the Cornell Community.

Marketing Support

  • James Courville '19

    Design Associate