Week 1                 


  • Annotated Bibliography:
  • suggested academic databases and indexes provided by professor and the Library
  • articles and monographs from databases chosen independently by student
  • web sites identified if appropriate for assignment
  • primary sources identified if appropriate for assignment
  • all entries will be cited accurately


Week 2


  • Students use data from Week 1 to create an abbreviated review of the literature
  • Students develop a research question
  • Students develop a working thesis statement/hypothesis
  • Students create a topical outline
  • Students create a sentence outline with citations properly inserted


Week 3


  • Abstract and rough draft of paper due
  • In student groups, each student presents a rough draft for peer review.
  • Student group participants write a response paper to one of the presentations and that feedback is provided to the presenter.



Week 4


  • Final draft of paper due
  • Students give an oral presentation to the entire class. Presentation includes: a revised abstract, explanation of methodology/analysis and an explanation of the conclusions.
  • Final written draft may include revised copies of any/all of the above.