ThetasKappa Theta proudly cites its history at Cornell. Founded in 1954, the Thetas pride themselves on excellence and unity, a recurrent theme for the Thetas. Our motto “Tis not in our numbers but in our unity that our great strength lies” highlights that very fact.

Service is an integral part of being a member of Kappa Theta. We are proud to state that the Thetas in the past several years have completed the most service hours out of any Greek organization on campus. The majority of our service the past several years has revolved around assisting a Mt. Vernon family whose second oldest child is fighting leukemia. Among other things, the Thetas have helped the family with housework, babysitting the other children, and painting the interior of their recently purchased home. Motivated by the family, Kappa Theta organized two hugely successful bone marrow donation drives. Two years ago, the Thetas revised our constitution to state that 50% of all money fundraised will be donated to a cause determined by a vote once per semester.  

As well as being dedicated to service, the ladies of Kappa Theta are academically involved and have a wide variety of majors, from art to molecular biology. Many of our active members are in honors societies as well as on the Dean’s List. The Thetas are also involved in extracurricular activities, including choir, theater, Cornell’s cheering squad, softball, tennis, soccer, dance team, Mortar Board, Student Senate, and Mock Trial.

The ladies of Kappa Theta are proud of our traditions but even more proud of what the group has become in recent years. More change is in the future, but the Thetas always have and always will strive for academic excellence and community enrichment through volunteer work while also providing a fun and compassionate circle of friends who foster personal development in every member.



Bailey Welliver