Gammas 2021

The Gammas, formerly known as the Panthers, were one of the seven original male social groups approved in 1929. Then in 1949, after a period of disbandment starting in 1944, they were re-chartered under the name of Gamma Tau (later adding Pi) and under the leadership of Founder Jon Stark ’52

Our Mission is simple:  We the Men of Gamma Tau Pi, shall form a more perfect campus community, establish social diversity, ensure safety for its members, provide philanthropy for others, promote academic success, and secure the blessings of Brotherhood to ourselves and our posterity.

We accomplish this mission by adhering to our Triangle of Tenets as well as volunteering our time through service to campus as well as the community. Members of our fraternity can be found tutoring students in the QRS, competing for Cornell on the athletic field, student teaching in the surrounding neighborhood schools, and dedicating themselves to the arts. Alumni of the Brotherhood have found themselves in leadership positions at: Epic, Oracle, Iowa Wolves Basketball, Pivot Int’l, Horizon Discovery, and GE Healthcare to name a few.


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