Milt group

Founded in January 1871 by the first Dean of the College, H. H. Freer, the Miltonian Literary Society - informally known as the Milts - is the oldest social organization at Cornell. Known to breed leaders, the Milts have always had a presence on campus; the campus’ past, as well as its future, is heavily entwined with the Milts. Honor, history, and loyalty to our past and our brothers are very important to us. Our colors are red and white, and the Milts tend to have brothers who are the more heavily involved individuals on campus, with leaders in PAAC, KRNL, Greek Council, orchestra, choir, as well as multiple academic departments. We live daily by our motto, that, “Success and Self-Reliance are Inseparable.” Take the most unique, proud, and ambitious young men, and throw them in a group – that’s a slice of what the Milts are truly about.


Bryce Connelly