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  • Photo of Huan Cai

    Huan Cai

    Assistant Professor of Finance

    Specializes in finance with interests in contract theory and corporate finance. Her courses include Investments, Financial Accounting, Introduction to Financial Management, and Financial Management Seminar. She was the one of the co-founders of, a Chinese social network website. She also worked as an actuarial professional in a life insurance company. Ph.D., University of Utah; B.A., Tsinghua University.

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  • Photo of A'amer Farooqi

    A'amer Farooqi

    Professor of Economics and Business

    Specializes in international economics and economic development, with a particular interest in environmental issues in developing countries. His courses include Economic Development, International Economics, Economies of East Asia, and Global Environmental Economics. Ph.D. and M.A., University of Pittsburgh; M.A., Ohio State University; B.A., Denison University.

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  • Photo of Santhi Hejeebu

    Santhi Hejeebu

    Associate Professor of Economics and Business

    Has interests in applied microeconomics, economics of organization, and economic history. Her courses include Economics of Organizations, Business Analytics, and Markets and Social Networks. She enjoys taking students off campus to visit businesses, archives, and museums. Guest lecturers, business leaders, and scholars are integral to her courses. Her scholarship has appeared in numerous academic journals and monographs including the Journal of Economics and Management Strategies, Journal of Economic History, and Business History. Ph.D., University of Iowa; M.A., University of Iowa; B.A., University of Maryland-Baltimore County.

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  • Photo of Todd Knoop

    Todd Knoop

    David Joyce Professor of Economics and Business

    Has interests in macroeconomic policy, business cycles, financial crises, and economic growth. His courses include Money and Banking, Economics of Recessions and Depressions, Growth Theory, and Econometrics. He is the author of the 2009 book “Recessions and Depressions: Understanding Business Cycles” and the 2007 book “Modern Financial Macroeconomics: Panics, Crashes, and Crises,” as well as articles in Canadian Journal of Economics, Economic Inquiry, and Southern Economic Journal. Ph.D., Purdue University; M.A. and B.A., Miami University.

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  • Photo of Aaron Miller

    Aaron Miller

    Assistant Professor of Business Analytics

    Specializes in analytics with interests in health analytics and health economics. His courses include Introduction to Analytics, Business Analytics I, and Data Visualization. His research interests include costs of infectious diseases, identifying medical errors and misdiagnoses, and topics in hospital epidemiology. Ph.D. and M.A., University of Iowa; B.A., Creighton University.

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  • Photo of Jerry Savitsky

    Jerry Savitsky

    Professor of Economics and Business

    Has interests in labor market discrimination, the economics of women and the family, and game theory. His courses include Labor Market Issues, The Economics of Sports, Industrial Organization, and Women, Men, and the Labor Market. Ph.D. and M.A., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; B.A., Mercer University.

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Additional instructors

  • Dale Simon, Lecturer
  • Andy Stoll, Lecturer


  • T. Hardie Park

    Professor of Economics and Business Emeritus

    B.A., Vanderbilt University; University of Glasgow; Ph.D., Vanderbilt University.

  • Gordon A. Urquhart

    Professor of Economics and Business Emeritus

    M.A., M.S., University of Aberdeen, Scotland.