• Todd Knoop

    Todd Knoop

    David Joyce Professor of Economics and Business

Biographical Sketch

Todd A. Knoop, David Joyce Professor of Economics and Business at Cornell College, is the author of multiple articles as well as the books Have Economics, Will Travel: Using Economics to Think about What Makes Us All so Different and the SameBusiness Cycle Economics: Understanding Recessions and Depressions from Boom to Bust ,  Global Finance in Emerging Market Economies Recessions and Depressions: Understanding Business Cycles , and Modern Financial Macroeconomics.  His most recent book is entitled Bigger Pies and Just Deserts: Understanding Economic Inequality.

Academic History

  • PhD in Economics, Purdue University, 1996
  • MA in Economics, Miami University, 1992
  • BA in Economics and Finance, Miami University, 1991



  • Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • Intermediate Macroeconomics
  • Money and Banking
  • Growth Theory and Economic Development
  • Business Cycles and Depressions
  • Econometrics
  • Financial Macroeconomics
  • Chinese Economic Development

Selected Academic Awards and Positions

  • David Joyce Professor of Economics and Business, 2014-
  • Emil and Rosa Massier Award in the Social Sciences,  2014-2015
  • Richard and Norma Small Distinguished Professorship, 2011
  • Director, ACM Culture and Society Program in Botswana, Africa, 2009
  • McConnell Faculty Development Grant, competitive award, 2007, 2003
  • McConnell Sabbatical Grant, 2011, 2004