The following policies detail situations where students qualify for reduced tuition for one or more semesters.

Reduced Tuition Policy 

Students who are charged a reduced tuition rate during the academic year (not summer) are not eligible for additional Cornell funded financial assistance. The reduced tuition rate is 50% of the standard tuition.

Continuing education students may apply for federal and state aid if they file the FAFSA and qualify under federal or state guidelines.

Students who qualify to be charged a reduced tuition fall into 3 categories:

  1. Student who has attended Cornell for at least 4 semesters and needs 1 or 2 courses to finish their degree. (Walker class level)

  2. Student who has already attained a Bachelor’s Degree, either from Cornell or from another institution. (Continuing education entry type)

  3. Student who is not a degree seeking student and wishes to take 4 or fewer courses at Cornell in the pursuit of knowledge. (Non degree entry type except for summer institute)

Reduced Tuition Policy for Teacher Certification Candidates

Cornell College fifth-year seniors may receive a reduced tuition fee of $2,000 for completion of teacher certification. To be eligible, students must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Student must be enrolled in their 9th semester of undergraduate study at Cornell College, or have transferred to Cornell and be enrolled in their 5th semester of undergraduate study at Cornell College.

  2. Student needs to be enrolled only in student teaching and EDU 483 Education Senior Seminar to complete their degree.

  3. Student must complete their student teaching locally in a school placement made by the Education Department or in an approved off-campus student teaching program (IU Global Gateway for Teachers or the ACM’s Urban Education Program).

The reduced tuition rate does not include room and board. Students who believe they are qualified must contact the Education Department Chair not later than the following dates with their intent to apply for the reduced tuition rate.

November 1 if student teaching in the following spring semester
May 1 if student teaching in the following fall semester