Course instructor

Marcela Ochoa-Shivapour, Professor of Spanish

Professor Ochoa-Shivapour teaches a range of language and conversation courses including Spanish Peninsular Culture and Civilization, and courses such as Latinos in the United States, Latin American Culture and Civilization, and an intermediate language class focused on immigration issues. Her academic interests include immigration issues, film studies, Latino literature, and the Easter Island culture.  

Syllabus description

Peninsular Culture and Civilization is offered in Spain every third year. The course focuses on the origins, development, and significance of various aspects of Spanish civilization, with special emphasis on how these influence contemporary economic, political, sociological, and artistic forces within Spain. 

Course highlights

  • Visit major museums and enjoy all the sights, sounds, tastes, and fragrances of Spain.

Student reflection

Kaitlynn Long

Music and Spanish

"I thought traveling to Europe would be a great experience and even better if I could use my language skills. I think the best way to learn language is to get immersed in it, and that definitely made a huge difference. Traveling to Spain helped me really see the differences in dialect. I have been taught by mainly Latin American professors, going to Spain and hearing the difference in accent was shocking, however the challenge made my listening skills improve greatly. The highlight of my trip was bonding with my classmates and my homestay mom, we still talk regularly on Facebook!"