Course instructor

Michael Mosier, Assistant professor of Spanish

Professor Mosier teaches a range of language and conversation courses on campus and in Argentina. He teaches Latin American Short Story and Novel, Latin American Poetry, Modern Latin American Theatre, and Introduction to Latin American Studies. His academic interests include the detective genre in literature, 20th century Latin American narrative, theories of hegemony, and cultural studies. 

Syllabus description

Intermediate Spanish Abroad and Advanced Conversation Abroad travel together to either Mexico, Boliva, or Argentina. Students develop their knowledge of Spanish language and culture in a classroom setting, in daily interactions with native speakers from the local community, and in excursions to culturally rich sites. 

Course highlights

  • A homestay that immerses students in the Spanish language through daily life.

  • Visit major museums and enjoy all the sights, sounds, tastes, and fragrances of the region.

Student reflection

Arturo Hernandez '16

Computer Science and Studio Art

"I wanted to explore a new place and at the same time learn about the culture in a class setting with the host family experience. The Spanish used in Argentina was distinct and unlike anything I heard before because it had a unique emphasis to some of the accents that made it sound Italian. It was really interesting to see how it changed my Spanish and the way I used it daily on my trip. The highlight of my trip was the weather, I never wanted to stay indoors during my free time because it was so beautiful out and I went outside for walks. I would go everywhere during our time in Rosario, I would walk around the stores, the parks, art museums, and the Paraná River."